Elementary S01, Ep10 – The Leviathan

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 10
Title: The Leviathan
Original Air Date: December 13, 2012

Guest Stars:
Freda Foh Shen: Mary Watson
Gbenga Akinnagbe: Jeremy Lopez
Reg Rogers: Micah Erlich
Steve Park: Oren Watson (as Stephen Park)
Sean Dugan: Charles Briggs
John Bolger: David Batonvert
Tonya Glanz: Gwen / Olivia Lynch
Dee Hoty: Patsy
Glenn Kalison: Alan Kent
Jennifer Kim: Gabrielle Harper
Nat McIntyre: Uniform

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: Before you say anything, I’d like to remind you I’m holding an axe.

* Sherlock: When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth.
Joan: And what’s impossible here is that you couldn’t break into the safe, but someone else could.

* Sherlock: It’s a life of boundless surprises, detective work.
Joan: Do I have to find you a drug test?

* Sherlock: I guess being proven right is the best gift of all.

Synopsis: Robbers break into vault and steal lots of jewels. At the brownstone the doorbell rings and Joan finds Gwen. A man is at the door asking for Sherlock. He works for a security form. He discusses their new safe. They discuss a team of four who broke into the “unbeatable safe” within a year. He asks for Sherlock’s help figuring out how the safe got broken into. At the diamond exchange Sherlock is not impressed with security. The machine has a random number generator that changes the 10 digit pass code every two minutes. Joan finds him still at the safe. He is stress testing the keypad. Joan falls asleep and shakes Joan awake. He agrees to leave, but first grabs the axe and attacks the keypad. Nothing happens tho, other than Joan being horrified. Back at the brownstone Joan is upset because the safe company keeps calling her. Sherlock thinks one of the original four sold the recipe to someone else. Joan meets her mother for brunch. Her mom tells her that her brother called. He’s coming to the city and bringing his girlfriend. Her mother puts her job down. Sherlock calls Joan and tells hers one of the original four robbers has agreed to talk to them. Sherlock offers to use him as a consultant if he answers some questions. He explains that each of them did their own part but were not informed what the other three were doing. The only name he has is “Le Chavalier.” Sherlock decides to track this man down. At the precinct he goes through articles about thefts and finds a Peter Kent. He is the thief. They go to visit Mr. Kent but learn that he’s had a stroke and is wheelchair bound and unable to speak. Sherlock examines a lithograph and discovers the real painting behind it. However, they are given all the stolen items to return. Sherlock realizes that three of the four robbers took a plea and one went to trail. He believes it’s possible that someone got answers in the transcript. Gregson is rather shocked that the items are returned. He’s put two and two together and realizes what’s actually taken place. Joan’s phone rings and it’s her brother Oren. She realizes Sherlock hacked her phone. She’s livid. The next morning Sherlock brings her breakfast. He wants to examine Exhibit C. It does not seem important, but since it was examined three times he feels it’s important. The back of the coffee order has a very rare computer code on the back of it. Sherlock finds one Justin Guthrie, a juror, who use to be a software engineer. The code is an algorithm. They used it to attack the number generator so they could predict the code. They arrive at Guthrie’s and are informed he jumped out of his window. Sherlock is playing the dead man’s piano waiting for Gregson to arrive. Sherlock proves it was a murder and not a suicide. They also point out several vases filled with rocks. Which is also what uncut diamonds look like. Sherlock pours out the rocks in the smaller vase and shows them an uncut diamond that was left behind. Joan arrives at dinner and Sherlock is already there, charming her family. Oren is impressed by Joan’s skills with Sherlock. Mr. Holmes is painting an artful picture of Joan, singing her praises, to her family. In the cab ride back Joan thanks Sherlock with regard to her family. He points out that her family is conventional and that she is not. Joan realizes that the phone Sherlock is going through is the victims. Back at the brownstone Sherlock wakes Joan with classical music at 3am. He explains his break through. He shows her how the four jurors fit the roles of the original robbers. Amelie is the sister of “greenstick” the diamond exchange manager. Gregson finds 10 of the jurors to bring in. Sherlock gives the jurors a speech. Mr. Lopez is hesitant, but then provides a dna sample. Gregson will keep a tail on the suspects. They get an address on Alex. When they all go to the address Sherlock notices a smell and coffin flies. Alex is dead and hidden underneath the stoop. Back at the precinct Gregson informs them the dna from the blood in Guthrie’s apartment comes back to a woman who is an Army Chaplin. She isn’t home because she has been deployed. Joan notices that Audrey’s sister died of leukemia and has done all she can to help those with the disease. In the interrogation room they have Mr. Lopez again. Sherlock mentions that he got a bone marrow donation. He points out that she was his bone marrow donor. They present a court order for his blood. Back at the brownstone Sherlock is happy he has solved the crime and thanks Joan for her help in solving the case. The doorbell rings and it’s Joan’s mother. Joan’s mom doesn’t think being a companion is for her because it doesn’t make her happy. She tells her that she saw a spark when she talked about working with Sherlock and that it’s clear she likes being a detective.

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