The X Files S01, Ep07 – The Ghost in the Machine

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Title: Ghost in the Machine
Original Air Date: October 29, 1993

Guest Stars:
Jerry Hardin: Deep Throat
Rob LaBelle: Brad Wilczek
Wayne Duvall: Agent Jerry Lamana
Blu Mankuma: Claude Peterson
Tom Butler: Benjamin Drake
Gillian Barber: Jane Spiller
Marc Baur: Man in Suit
Bill Finck: Sandwich Man
Theodore Thomas: Clyde

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: How do you like that? A politically correct elevator.

* Scully: Brad Wilczek? We’re with the FBI.
Brad: What took you guys so long?

* Mulder: So much for the element of surprise.

Synopsis: At the headquarters of Eurisko a Brad and a man in a suit have a fight. A security camera spies on the man in the suit. It’s a computer system and the man in the suit states he’s going to shut the program down. The man goes in the bathroom and his sink is leaking. His phone rings and he stops to answer it. The door automatically closes and he is locked in. Swiping his key card does not unlock it. He tries the override key and gets electrocuted. The COS project he planned to shut down appears to have killed him. At the FBI office Mulder’s old partner hugs him and offers to treat Mulder and Scully to lunch. He’s brought them a case. He tells Mulder that he needs help. So Mulder and Scully go to the scene to offer their help. The COS system is watching Mulder and Scully. The elevator is having a few issues. At the scene the motherboard has been tampered with. Claude tells them about the COS (Contrail Operating System). Mulder asks him about the phones. He’s the only one who noticed the phone in the bathroom was off the hook. Back in the basement office Scully finds Mulder searching through his very disorganized desk. They join the task force meeting on the case. Jerry delivers Mulder’s profile and Scully picks up on this. After the meeting Mulder calls him out for stealing his profile. It’s clear Jerry only asked Mulder for help to ride his coat tails. Scully has the list from Claude, one name, Brad Wilszek. The pair pay Brad a visit. He shows them smart home technology. It is related to COS. At Scully’s apartment she is working on her field report. COS has hacked her computer and intercepted her field report. In their office, Jerry walks in. He apologizes to Mulder. Scully calls them both in to listen to some audio. The voice is Brad’s. Jerry wants credit for the arrest. Brad is trying to get into COS but he has been locked out. He takes off in his original Corvette. COS sees him in the elevator. Brad is in the COS mainframe at the office. He’s concerned that it’s now talking. He tries to manually kill the power to COS but it doesn’t work. Jerry is in the elevator and COS decides to take him to the top floor and drop him all the way down. Mulder is watching the video of the fatal elevator ride, clearly upset. But he also notices Brad is upset and trying to kill the system unsuccessfully. Scully comes in to check on him. Mulder tells her that Brad didn’t do it. Mulder goes to Brad’s but he’s turned away because he doesn’t have a code 5 clearance. Mulder meets Deep Throat in a park to ask about Brad. Clearly, he states the government wants his skills. He brings up artificial intelligence. Brad’s machine has artificial intelligence. Mulder visits Brad. He tells him he knows he’s protecting the machine. Brad speaks of the Manhatten Project. He doesn’t want the machine to fall into the governments hands. Mulder wants him to create a virus to destroy the machine. He tells Scully but she doesn’t believe him. Mulder goes back to see Brand and brings him a laptop. Scully is woken up by her phone and when she picks it up she hears modem sounds. She realizes someone is accessing her computer and calls the FBI tech office to get a phone trace. Scully races to Mulder at Euristo and tells him her phone and computer are being watched. They sneak into the parking garage. Before they get far a beam falls on top of the car. COS is tracking them through the entire stairwell. It kills the lights to try and slow them down. Mulder sees a security camera and covers it. Mulder boosts Scully into the vent system so she can find a way in and then unlock the stairwell door for him. Claude finds Mulder and lets him in. Scully is not doing well in the vents. COS is creating a storm to try and kill her. Claude takes him to the mainframe. Mulder asks about the B port. He plugs in a device but access gets denied. Scully, trying not to get sucked in a fan and chopped up into pieces, she starts shooting at the fan. In the mainframe, Claude turns out to be a rat. But at that moment Scully enters with her gun on Claude. She instructs Mulder to put in the disk. The virus works and the machine is no longer functioning. Mulder meets with Deep Throat again. The virus that Brad created completely wiped out all the data. No part of the artificial intelligence can be recovered. Claude is still with the mainframe trying to bring it back to life. They have 6 hours left and then it goes in the metal shredder. Lights on the machine start to turn back on.

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