Elementary S01, Ep09 – You Do It To Yourself

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 9
Title: You Do It To Yourself
Original Air Date: December 6, 2012

Guest Stars:
Adam Rothenberg: Liam Danow
Kristy Wu: Jun Annunzio
Cameron Scoggins: Brendan O’Brien
Lord Jamar: Raul Ramirez
Richard Topol: Trent Annunzio
Randall Duk Kim: Old Man
Kevin Henderson: N.D. Detective
Ande Mang: Young Boy (as Andy Royce)

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: Watson, you should know by now that boredom is a greater danger to my health than any fever.

* Sherlock: I just thought you might want all the facts at your disposal.
Joan: What for?
Sherlock: Well it’s rather difficult to give up on someone completely.

* Captain Gregson: Thank God for stupid people.

* Joan (to Liam): You’re not supposed to get clean for me, you’re supposed to do it for yourself.

Synopsis: A guy in a ski mask fires a gun. At the brownstone Joan is worried about Sherlock, who has a fever. He gets a text from Det. Bell about a dead body. At the scene the eyes have been shot at point blank range. However, this is not the murder scene, just where the body was dumped. Sherlock examines the body. He deduces he was a professor of east Asian studies who had recently been to Thailand. He also says that he’s a professor at Garrison and then pulls up a photo on his phone, identifying the dead man. The team visit the professor’s wife. During the visit Joan gets a call from Liam. The last time his wife saw him was the previous morning. Outside, Joan informs them she’s heading to Riker’s. One of her previous clients is in trouble. Sherlock and Bell go to the college and meet with Trent’s TA. The TA tells them that he left at 5:30pm there was no meeting as Trent’s wife had told them. They are shown to his office, but aren’t impressed by the space. Sherlock says that the previous evening Trent was at a Chinese gambling establishment. It was all the 13’s. Fourteen is an unlucky number in Chinese gambling. Bell finds mahjong tiles. They are membership cards to underground casinos. Sherlock is shocked that Bell knows something he doesn’t. Joan is at Riker’s visiting Liam. He’s accused of hit and run, but does not feel he did it. His car was at the scene, but he thinks he left the keys in the car. He asks for a favor and she turns him down. They all meet up in Chinatown. They have already visited the first two parlors and are now at the third. They attempt to interview the people there. No one will speak English to Bell. Sherlock points out that there is bleach on the floor, but that the janitor is actually the owner. He states that he was sanitizing vomit. However, Sherlock believes its a shooting. He then points out a surveillance camera disguised as a smoke detector. They watch the footage of the murder. Sherlock then asks to see the other video that has the shooters face, as he would not be able to come into the club in a ski mask. At the station Sherlock is going through the mug shots. Joan gives Sherlock a special tea that her mother gave her when she was a child. Sherlock is not thrilled with the tea as he wanted coffee. But he’s been busy while she was gone. He found the file on Liam. Joan is not happy. He tells her he has not opened the file, it is simply for her to have all the facts. Bell comes in, he has found the murderer. As they leave to go see the suspect, Joan picks up the folder. As they interview the suspect he tries to strike a deal. He wants to flip on the person who hired him. He speaks of an envelope left at his door with $1000 in cash. He then gets a call offering him an additional $9000 to kill Trent by shooting him in each eye. He admits that he killed the man a day earlier than he was supposed to. His story does check out, but the calls and texts are to a burner phone. Joan notices something in the photo that Sherlock missed, a reflection in a window. It’s a photograph of a photograph. The photograph was taken in Trent’s office. Sherlock suspects the TA. They go to his house to question him. They believe his motive is that Trent sabotaged him getting a job. The officers searching his apartment find the burner phone. But he claims to have never seen it before. Sherlock does not believe that Brent did it. At the brownstone Sherlock is reviewing the footage and still something feels off to him. Sherlock has some of Brendan’s records. He’s downloaded a lot of bad songs. Joan brings up Liam. The pictures in the files show a pretty bad accident, but Liam did not have a scratch on him. Sherlock points out that nothing was missing or stripped from the car. However, Joan notices that something she gave him is missing. Sherlock asks how long she had been working with him when she started sleeping with him. She doesn’t address it. Sherlock gets a flash. Back at the dead man’s house, the cds are all the music that Mr. O’Brien had purchased. Sherlock accuses Trent’s wife of planting the burner phone at this apartment. Jun shows Bell a manual that her husband used to abuse her. She admits that Trent never married her, he just said they were married. He used that to keep her in check. She then tells the story of how she met Brendan. She tries to show them the videos of the abuse but they have been deleted. Joan is at Rikers with her old client. She has him look at the photos of the crime scene. He notices that the keychain is gone. Joan arrives back at the brownstone to find Sherlock and a deconstructed computer. He’s done so because he believes Jun was abused. He no longer believes she did it. He feels guilty because now she might be permanently separated from her daughter. He asks Joan to make him some more tea. Joan tells him she found the missing pendant and they captured the actual culprit. She tells Sherlock that Liam was never a client, he was only a boyfriend who became an ex. Rehab only served as a temporary band aid. Her experience with him is what led her to be a companion. The autopsy on Trent comes back. It had two Chinese herbs for eye pain. Joan speaks of a photo in his office with his students. They all had red eye, but he did not. He had cancer in his eyes. This specific type is not treatable. He believes that Trent arranged his own death and the set up to get revenge on his wife for finding someone else. Sherlock believes that both are innocent. And Jun is with ICE, they have started deportation proceedings against her. Back at the brownstone, in Joan’s bathroom, Sherlock is reanalyzing everything. Joan notices how close Ramirez lives to Brendan. This leads Sherlock to search for a sex offender registry. However, the search shows that Ramirez was the second closet. But the closest lives in O’Brian’s building. Joan is back at Riker’s with Liam. He thanks her and tells her he wants to get clean for her. She has a friend at a clinic who can help. Back at the station Sherlock and Gregson explain to Jun what actually happened. Bell and Brandon enter the room. Gregson explains that if she gets married today then ICE can’t deport her. He’s already arranged everything. Joan is waiting at the clinic for Liam to show and Sherlock comes down. He stays with her to wait, even though she tells him he doesn’t have to, but Liam never shows.

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