Elementary S01, Ep08 – The Long Fuse

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 8
Title: The Long Fuse
Original Air Date: November 29, 2012

Guest Stars:
Lisa Edelstein: Heather Vanowen
John Pankow: Edgar Knowles
Ato Essandoh: Alfredo Llamosa
Donnie Keshawarz: Earl Wheeler
Adam Mucci: Rennie James
Deepa Purohit: Himali Singh
Rufus Collins: Adrian
Dan Bittner: David Preston
Charles Socarides: Royce Maltz
Vedant Gokhale: Pradeep Singh
Steve Cirbus: Bomb Squad Tech

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: Don’t you ever get tired of this memory game? You do it every morning.

* Sherlock: I don’t need a sponsor I have you.

* Joan: You think I don’t know there’s no right answer to that question.

* Bell: Why am I not surprised you’d take credit for every bombing except the one that kills two people?

* Joan: Well, if he didn’t build it then who did?
Sherlock: I haven’t the foggiest.

* Sherlock: You want sex?
Heather: Excuse me?
Sherlock: I’m not averse Ms. Vanowen, just busy. Perhaps we could set an appointment.

* Bell: Now we just gotta find a VCR, in 2012.
Sherlock: Have you not been to my home yet? I maintain several VCRs.

Synopsis: Joan is not amused by Sherlock’s morning memory game. She wants Sherlock to get a sponsor. Sherlock is dead set against the idea. In an office some web designers hear a weird beeping. Inside the air conditioning vent is a bomb and it explodes. The Captain tells Bell, Sherlock and Joan about the bomb at the scene. It went off in the southeast corner of the office. It left two dead and eleven injured. Sherlock muses that with Joan only having two weeks left she’ll be rid of the gore of crime scenes. Sherlock finds packing paper from the pipe bomb. It was newspaper and therefore homemade. He also finds a pager’s mother board. He believes it’s the bombs detonator. Joan takes Sherlock to meet a possible sponsor. His name is Adrian and he works for the SEC. But Sherlock is unimpressed and storms out of the restaurant. The Captain calls Sherlock and confirms that the pager was the bomb detonator. They could not track an owner but a number that called it three times. He’s a plumber, who’s also a convicted arsonist. He is in the interrogation room at the precinct. He states that he was trying to call Miracle Deli. Sherlock calls the number the man said he tried to call and gets the deli. Sherlock does not believe that this man could build the bomb. In the conference room they go over the bomb pieces. Sherlock points out the battery is at least four years old because the logo is missing the oak tree. The newspaper is from 2008. Sherlock concludes the bomb is at least four years old. Sherlock and Joan go to visit a firm that use to be located in that office. He believes this company was the intended target. Heather Vanowen is shocked. He points out that there were no towers in proximity for that pager, so it could not go off. However, recently a tower was erected three blocks away, making it possible for the pager to receive a call. She tells them about the Earth Liberty Militia, an eco-terrorist group, that had sent them threatening letters around that time. Her CFO leaves to get the letters, all 7 of them. And Sherlock gives her the solution to a clue in her crossword puzzle. The duo are now at an AA meeting, but Sherlock is more interested in the ELM letters. Alfredo speaks to the group. Sherlock decides he wants Alfredo to be his sponsor. Joan looks shocked. Back at the brownstone Sherlock is stuck on a phrase “on your beam ends.” It’s familiar but he can’t place it. He announces that he has solved “on your beam ends.” He goes up to his TV memory set and points at one. It was a talk show on international whaling laws. The winner is Edgar Knowles. They bring him into the precinct. He denies everything. Sherlock appears with an elevator button. He had his print lifted. The print matches the letters and ELM bombs. He admits to bombing the lumber mill and writing the letters, but he says he did not follow up on them. He also states that he uses nitrogen bombs. At the brownstone Sherlock is blowing up tennis balls. He is using tennis balls to determine the chemicals used in the pipe bomb. The bomb that went off did not use the same ingredients as Knowles. Instead it was made with chemicals, while he used fertilizer. At the precinct Sherlock is putting the pieces of the newspaper, used as packing material in the bomb, back together. He shows Gregson that there is writing indented. The word he found is Novocain. Per Sherlock the handwriting does not match Knowles. He wants to go through the Vanowen personnel files to see if there is a disgruntled employee who may be the bomber. Gregson won’t help, he’s going to have to ask Vanowen himself. Joan and Alfredo are at the restaurant waiting on Sherlock. He informs Joan via text that he we will need to reschedule. Alfredo tells her she needs to be patient. He’s excited about sponsoring Sherlock. At Vanowen Heather discusses crosswords with Sherlock. She makes a blatant pass at him utilizing crossword puzzles. He compliments her and engages. She’s rather shocked and Joan walks in. He apologizes about missing the appointment. Joan does not make a big deal stating that it can be rescheduled. Sherlock looks a tad surprised and then storms into Heather’s office regarding Pradeep Singh. He finds his promotion track strange. But nothing more came of it as he disappeared. Sherlock and Joan go to visit Mrs. Singh. She believes her husband is dead. Sherlock notices an oddity in the wall, but Mrs. Singh says nothing has been done. Joan and Mrs. Singh go in the back yard while Sherlock examines the wall. He enters the back yard and snags Joan. He confirms that Pradeep is dead, he removed a section of the wall and found his body. At the police station Mrs. Singh is cleared, she was out of the country during the murder. Sherlock no longer thinks Pradeep made the bomb, as it was placed right over his desk. He thinks Pradeep was supposed to be the victim. The key found on Pradeep’s body is for a safe deposit box. The box holds a VHS tape. They go to Sherlock’s to view the tape. The sponsor comes back up. But now Sherlock doesn’t want Alfredo. Joan thinks he doesn’t want her to leave. The video is of Pradeep and a prostitute, who happens to be Heather Vanowen. Based on the video Sherlock thinks Heather is the bomber. They bring her into the station and show her the tape. Pradeep was using the video to blackmail her. Sherlock posits that she built the pipe bomb so ELM could take the blame. But when the bomb didn’t go off she just shot him with a gun and then used the contracting skills she learned from her father to put him in a wall in his own home. Sherlock nails her with the crossword clue imprinted on the bomb packing. Bell arrests her. At the brownstone, Alfredo arrives. He’s got a challenge for him: break the alarm on a brand new Ferrari.

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