Elementary S01, Ep07 – One Way To Get Off

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Title: One Way to Get Off
Original Air Date: November 15, 2012

Guest Stars:
Callie Thorne: Terry D’Amico
Keith Szarabajka: Wade Crewes
Stephen Kunken: Dr. Carrow
Stephen Henderson: Groundskeeper Edison (as Stephen McKinley Henderson)
Brian Tarantina: Walsh
Amy Hohn: Dr. Ryan
Stivi Paskoski: Victor Nardin
Steven Skybell: Dr. Sacco
Juan Castano: Sean Figueroa
Evgeniya Radilova: Katya (as Evgeniya Petkova Radilova)

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Favorite Quotes:

* Edison: You mean Sherlock.
Watson: Yeah, you knew him?
Edison: Yeah, he use to tell me I was the only person in this place without an agenda. I took that to mean he liked me.

* Joan: I don’t believe it but this place smells worse than the outside.

* Gregson: Believe me, no one wants you to be right more than me.

Synopsis: A man in a white mask is in a house. Two people have pillows wrapped around their heads, held in place by belts. He shoots and kills each of them. At the brownstone Joan makes a smoothie. She’s had enough of Sherlock’s silent treatment and confronts him about his friend Alistair and Irene. Sherlock is saved by a text from Gregson. He pulls one over on Joan and sneaks out. Sherlock shows up at the crime scene without Watson. The Captain shows him the scene. Gregson points out that it’s like the Wade Crewes murders. Sherlock agrees. Gregson believes it is a copycat. Sherlock may not be so sure. He wants to check the shoes. In the Crewes murders one woman’s shoe was always missing. It is also the case in this crime. Sherlock believes Crewes had a partner and that the partner has committed this crime. The Captain has pulled a task force together. Sherlock suggests they visit Crewes, but Gregson turns the idea down as Crewes would never tell them the truth. Watson shows up and Sherlock becomes hostile. They have a colorful fight in the precinct. Bell found some email threats to the dead couple from their contractor. They go talk to him. He denies her murdered them. Sherlock notices something odd and then suddenly requires the loo. However, he actually goes down to the basement, as he is suspicious. He finds a woman barricaded in a room. He busts down the door and speaks to her in her native language to calm her and even holds her as she breaks down. Joan goes to Sherlock’s rehab center to speak to the administrator. He flatly states he learned nothing about Holmes while he was there. Sherlock translates for the woman. She is Russian and she was being sold as a sex slave. At the lab Sherlock visually compares the slugs from the new crime to the previous ones. Crewes lied about dumping the murder weapon in the East River. As all the bullets match the same gun. Gregson’s old partner shows up at the precinct to review the old case files. Bell leads the meeting. He discusses an accomplice that was never discovered or Crewes got someone on the outside to recreate his crime to get him out of jail as two possible scenarios for what is going on. Sherlock states that there is a third possibility, Crewes is innocent. Gregson and his old partner don’t agree. But Gregson is heading to the prison to speak with Crewes. He’ll let Sherlock come and observe. Back at Hemlock Joan speaks to one of the counselors. She sees a gardener tending to bees and goes to speak with him. He knows Sherlock and liked him. At the prison they speak with Crewes. He’s very happy they are there. He already knows about the new murders. He goes on a rant about his innocence. Back at Hemlock Joan continues her conversation with Edison. He gives her some personal stuff that Sherlock left behind, a bunch of letters. Sherlock and the Captain go to visit a woman named Carla Figueroa. However, they are informed by her son, Sean, that she has passed away. At the brownstone it’s now Joan who isn’t talking to Sherlock. He is watching the footage of the interview that Gregson and his partner conducted at the prescient. He asks Joan for her assistance. The shattered mug at the crime scene is the mug he was given in his second interview right after the second murder. The mug was found at the third murder, broken. Sherlock goes to the Captain and tells him the mug from the second interrogation is the same one found at the third crime scene. Gregson is offended and explains how he has never taken a freebie or planted evidence. Back at the brownstone Joan gives him the letters back from Hemlock. She didn’t read them. She’ll wait for him to talk about Irene. He promptly puts the letters in the blender. Joan and Sherlock examine another suspect. He deduces based on the suspects hobbies that he is in a hotel/motel in Brighton Beach and gets the room number. Meanwhile, Gregson meets with his old partner outside of the station. He confronts her abut planting the mug. She’s not happy, Gregson just wants the truth, even if it costs him his job. Joan and Sherlock break into the apartment of the suspect. Holmes finds the carpet has been pried free. He finds a loose floorboard. Before he can process more the Captain calls, there’s now been a triple murder. The Captain is upset and Holmes is sympathetic. The only evidence found was some used cigarette butts. However, Holmes says Nardan did not kill him. At the precinct he informs Bell that he has a vision issue. He is blind in his right eye. He also points out that the cigarettes on the scene were ground out in an ashtray, not stomped out. He now believes that Crewes is guilty and masterminded these murders. But he has no suspect. Joan goes over Crewes prison records, but he has had no visitors. Sherlock notes he was illiterate when he entered prison but now reads at an advanced level and quotes the books. His records show he worked at the prison library. Joan deduces that someone who worked at the library must have taught him to read. He finds a photo of Crewes with Sean the son of Carla Figueroa. He’s deduced that Wade Crewes is actually the father of Carla’s son. He and Bell go to Sean’s job and have quite the chat with him. At the prison Gregson pulls out lots of evidence. They are Crewes’s trophies from the original crime scenes. His son, Sean, gave him up. Sean goes to jail and Crewes gets five new conspiracy charges. At the brownstone Joan says good night to Sherlock and he tells her that Irene died and he did not take her passing well.

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