Criminal Minds S01, Ep06 – L.D.S.K.

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Title: L.D.S.K.
Original Air Date: November 2, 2005

Guest Stars:
Timothy Omundson: Phillip Dowd
Marcus Giamatti: Dr. Barry Landman
Paula Newsome: Detective Shea Clavin
Tony Denison: Weigart
Kirsten Vangsness: Penelope Garcia
Tim Halligan: Dr. Erstadt
Nike Doukas: Cheryl Marston
Thomas Lumberg Jr.: Scott McCarty / SWAT #2
Matt McColm: SWAT #1

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gideon: “The irrationality of a thing is not an argument against its existence, rather, a condition of it.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

* Hotch: “Nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable.” -(attributed to) William Shakespeare

Synopsis: People are playing in a park. Hotch and Reid are at the gun range. Hotch is giving him some extra training. We switch back to the park where a father and son are playing catch. The son looks back to see his father laying face down. When he gets closer he flips him over and sees he’s been gut shot. Back at the range Reid isn’t doing so well. At the BAU Reid failed his gun test. Morgan teases him and gives him a whistle to blow if he needs help. JJ gives out a new case about three murders in a park done by a long distance serial killer. When Elle asks how many they’ve caught, Gideon answers, none. They go over long distance kills that have been happening in parks nearby each other. The first three parks had single kills and the third had three. They discuss the LDSK profile on the plane to understand what they are dealing with. The contemplate if the unsub has the skill to take the headshot or is lacking the will to take it. They meet the locals detective at the park where the three murders took place. At the hospital Elle and Gideon meet with the surgeons on the case. Back at the park they have figured out where the shots were fired from and that he had been there prior to the shooting to get the lay of the land. Elle and Gideon are going over files at the hospital. The unsub does the shootings between 2:55 and 3:15pm. He takes advantage of fewer cops being on the street during a shift change. They realize this person has knowledge of law enforcement. The surgeon walks in with the bullet in a zip lock. The patient will make a full recovery. Hotch speculates that the killer could be a cop or milatary. The bullet was a .223 from an M4. And at the distance he’s shooting the targets from with that weapon he has specialized training. A couple is at a outdoor cafe eating, when suddenly she does not feel good. When she gets up she is bleeding. Shots start to ring out and multiple people are hit. There are three victims with non-fatal wounds. Gideon fears that with the FBI now on the case and extra media coverage the shooter will escalate much faster. Hotch delivers a preliminary profile to the police. Hotch wants to reenact the shooting at the park to get a better idea of the shooters mindset. At the park they are putting everyone in position for the reenactment. Someone has leaked to the press and it’s causing issues. They ask the reporter to identify it’s source. They arrest the reporter under the Patriot Act as they consider this an act of terrorism. The reporter hands over the cell number and Garcia traces it to the Des Planes Police Department. And it’s currently located in the park. It’s Scott McCarty, he’s playing the unsub. They arrest him. As they walk him away from the car he was in he receives a kill shot to the head. Back at the police station they try to determine how the unsub has gone from non-fatal wounds to executing a cop. Garcia’s geographic profile indicates all the shootings are centered around the two hospitals. Gideon says the unsub will be arrogant and conceded. The officer says it sounds like every surgeon she’s ever met. This prompts Gideon to focus on the surgeon who removed the bullet. The surgeon started in the military. Gideon talks to the surgeon, who gets defenses. He provides an alibi and it checks out. In the ER Hotch and Reid come to the conclusion that the shooter works the second shift in the ER. A male goes into the locker room and has a ranger tattoo on his arm. When Hotch describes the guys personality to the head doctor she immediately knows who it is. However, when Reid goes to tell Gideon, Phllip Dowd, the unsub hits him with the butt of a gun and takes the ER hostage. While Phillip is interrogating Reid, Hotch clearly acts out of character. Outside the SWAT Team prepares to infiltrate. Hotch profiles him. Hotch turns on Reid and kicks him so that Reid can get his spare firearm. Reid successfully shoots and kills him.

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