Mama’s Family S01, Ep06 – Cellmates

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Title: Cellmates
Original Air Date: February 26, 1983

Guest Stars:
Carol Burnett: Eunice Higgins
Harvey Korman: Ed Higgins
Joe Pryor: The Waiter
Brad Trumbull: Larry the Cop
Yvonne Wilder: Scarlett May Dubois

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mama: Oh my lord, my lord, I’m locked up like a criminal.
Eunice: I see it hasn’t dawned on you yet that I am locked up too.

* Mama: Oh no, I’ll never laugh again.
Eunice: When did you ever laugh?

* Eunice: She had to do that. My lord they’d have carted her off to jail if she didn’t.
Mama: Well, thanks to you I winded up there anyway.

Synopsis: Thelma and Vint are at the Bigger Jigger. Thelma is upset because Eunice is late for her birthday party. Eunice and Ed arrive, but Eunice does not want to stay. Ed points out Vint and Thelma and starts yelling surprised. She realizes this is her birthday party and she is not happy. The employees sing Happy Birthday to her, but call her Eunice. Vint points out a poster for Duke Reeves. The truth comes out that Duke had come over to see Eunice. Eunice didn’t know and gets upset. She drags the truth out of Mama. He did come to the house, but it was only to try and keep the Harpers from suing for an incident involving Eunice. Vint exits to pick up Naomi and avoid the drama. Eunice goes into full hysterics. Mama gets up to go to the bathroom and Eunice grabs her arm. She throws a chair and the officers take notice. Eunice clears the table and decks one of the officers. Mama freaks out and accidentally hits the other with her purse. They wind up in jail. Eunice melts down again over Duke Reeves. They are fighting when a hooker named Scarlett is brought in as well. She assumes that Thelma and Eunice are hookers too. They all make small talk. Eunice starts fighting with Mama again and Scarlett ends it by sticking a brush up her nose. New York comes up. Thelma says she wanted to go there. She wanted to be an actress, but life didn’t turn out that way. She lost her first love but lost him because she wouldn’t fool around. Then she had a second love and decided to fool around, and she lost him too. After that she settled for a polite, little goon. Eunice is jealous that Thelma is telling Scarlett more about her life than she ever told her. Thelma complains about her kids and Eunice especially. How she was a difficult baby and child. They starting fighting again, but Scarlett stops them. Scarlett tries to mediate, but it doesn’t go well. Ed bails the two of the out. Scarlett asks Ed how he’s doing. Back at the house Thelma sits on the porch and Eunice joins her. The bond a bit over their sad sex lives with their husbands and apologize in their own ways. Thelma hugs her. What a birthday.

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