The X Files S01, Ep06 – Shadows

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Title: Shadows
Original Air Date: October 22, 1993

Guest Stars:
Barry Primus: Robert Dorlund
Lisa Waltz: Lauren Kyte
Lorena Gale: Ellen Bledsoe
Veena Sood: Ms. Saunders
Deryl Hayes: Webster
Kelli Fox: Pathologist
Tom Pickett: The Cop
Tom Heaton: Groundskeeper
Janie Woods-Morris: Ms. Lange
Nora McLellan: Jane Morris
Anna Ferguson: Ms. Winn

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: I’d say you people already suffer from full denial.

* Scully: Yeah, though I do have a standing in line at the DMV sized headache.
Mulder: Mine’s more IRS sized.

Synopsis: A woman in her dead bosses office cries as she packs it up. Later she is at the ATM and gets kidnapped. Two teenagers try to pull down a fire escape, but instead get dead bodies. Scully and Mulder are summoned to the Naval Hospital and are being asked about their expertise in paranormal. They are shown two dead bodies. Both bodies are still moving. They’ve been dead over 6 hours, but their body temperatures have not started to cool. Their throats have been crushed like chalk, but there is no exterior damage. As they leave Scully tells Mulder that she believes he’s lied about seeing it before. He confirms he has several X Files that touch upon the symptoms. Mulder seems to have taken each dead bodies fingerprint with his glasses. Back at the office Lauren, the crying lady, asks to see Dorlund. At the denial coffee gets spilled. Dorlund comes out and takes her into his office. She tenders her resignation. He subtly threatens to kill her if she leaves. Mulder and Scully are looking up the two dead man. Extensive criminal records are uncovered involving terrorism. It leads them to Philadelphia. They investigate at the location where the bodies were found and Mulder finds an ATM. They go through footage to track down witnesses and they see a lady being kidnapped at the ATM. There’s an anomaly on the video. Mulder and Scully visit Lauren at her house to get some answers. They show her the two mug shots, but she doesn’t know them. Scully then shows her the security video of them kidnapping her and the blurry photo, but she claims not to know any of them. Scully is suspicious. As they leave the car goes out of control and they crash. The mechanic’s report on their car says there’s nothing mechanically wrong with the car. It is suffering from the same electro static charge as the bodies in the morgue were. Mulder thinks that either Lauren or a poltergeist crashed their car. They follow her to work and discover the name Howard Graves. Scully goes through newspapers and finds that she was his secretary. They follow her to his grave. He’s buried next to his daughter, who the groundskeeper said died because she drowned in a pool at the age of 3. She would be Lauren’s age. When they examine the photos Mulder took they found Howard Graves in one of them, even though he is supposed to be dead. At Lauren’s house she awakes to the sounds of someone walking through her house. She investigates with a baseball bat. The sounds are coming from her bathroom. She hears Howard begging for his life and when she pulls back the shower curtain the tub begins slowly filling with blood. Scully and Mulder visit the coroner. She is not all that helpful, other than stating he lost too much blood to survive. Lauren ID’ed him. He was an organ donor so they speak with the coordinator and he agrees to run tests to confirm it is indeed Howard. Back at the office Lauren visits Howard’s office one last time and the man who threatened her follows her in and closes the door. He threatens her again. She hastily escapes the office and calls Mulder. She requests he meets her at her house as soon as possible. Someone knocks at Lauren’s door and then two people, a man and woman, break in to kill Lauren. The ghostly apparition kills the woman and then goes after the man. Mulder and Scully pull up hearing Lauren scream, Mulder enters in time to see the man being strangled in mid air. They take her in for questioning. She gives no answers. Mulder shows her the photo with Howard Epps. The same two agents show up. It turns out they are investigating the company for illegally selling weapons to terrorists. Mulder gets her to talk. The company’s military contracts were being cancelled and Howard was upset. The other partner, Dorlund, had started selling products to a terrorist group and Howard wasn’t happy. She explains that Dorlund had Howard killed. Howard showed her what happened, that he was murdered. Scully tries to convince her to help get justice for Howard so that he will be able to rest in peace. They all convene at the offices of Howard, with a warrant a full swat team and police to search for evidence of weapons and parts being sold to terrorists. At the office Dorlund remains calm as they search his office. Mulder and Lauren are in Dorlund ‘s office and Dorlund comes in. He tries to kill her. The ghost comes to her aid and incapacitates Dorlund. Scully can’t get in because the door is locked. A tornado effect takes place and suddenly a letter opener rips through the wallpaper. Suddenly, everything becomes calm and Scully bursts in the door. Behind the wallpaper is the disk with all the evidence. Lauren thanks them and leaves for the unknown. At Lauren’s new employer her boss is rude to her and her coffee starts to shake. She says its because the building shakes when trucks go by. She has Howard’s quote on her desk.

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