Elementary S01, Ep05 – Lesser Evils

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Title: Lesser Evils
Original Air Date: November 1, 2012

Guest Stars:
David Harbour: Dr. Mason Baldwin
David Costabile: Danilo Gura
Ben Rappaport: Dr. Cahill
Jenni Barber: Jacqueline Zoltana
Anika Noni Rose: Dr. Carrie Dwyer
Eric Deskin: Richard Sanchez
Jonathan C. Kaplan: Barista Dave
Jay Klaitz: Bruce
Shauna Miles: Nurse
Eric Engleman: Security Guard
Rozi Baker: Morgan Duncan

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: And what’s your role here? Do you reach things off high shelves for this one?

* Sherlock: Coffee orders. The Magna Carta was less complicated.

* Joan: It’s hard to be a surgeon when you freeze up every time someone hands you a scalpel. I just didn’t trust myself anymore.

* Sherlock: So you’re too indifferent to your patients to be the angel of death?

* Captain: Nothing like getting caught to help one grow a conscious.

Synopsis: Sherlock is on top of a dead man, strangling him. They are in the morgue. The attendant and Sherlock met on a beekeeping chat room, hence he gets to conduct his experiments. He goes back to salting her wound about being a surgeon. Sherlock asks about one man and his heart attack. He asks for the dead mans room, 704. At the room he barricades himself and Joan in the room to preserve the evidence. He shows her an injection and they realize that he was given it before the code was called. Joan says it could have been injected into the IV bag. Sherlock confirms its set at 40cc. According to Joan it should not be less than 100ccs. He goes through the trash and finds two coffee cups. The Captain intervenes and Sherlock doesn’t get arrested. They run into one of Joan’s old coworkers. They all meet with the administrator. Sherlock is informed that he needs to apologize and then they can investigate. He does and they leave. But now he is searching for the woman who brought him the coffee. He knows where she got the coffee from. He deduces that the barista was flirting with her as his number is on the back of the receipt and the coffees she ordered were smalls but the ones in the garbage can were larges. They speak with Dave, he hits on Joan. He gives them a description, involving a lab coat, but she’s not a doctor. They locate her and get the victims name, Trent Kelty. she is very cooperative, even provides her metro card so they can pin down a time. They also find out that he had no friends or family, he was alone. It turns out his cancer is terminal. Sherlock suspects there is an angel of death at the hospital. They go back to the hospital and discuss the theory with the head of surgery. The coroners report proved that he was murdered using epinephrine. He cooperates. Sherlock is going through a large number of files in a cramped office at the station. Joan brings coffee and offers her medical expertise. He’s amassed a list of possible victims that they need to narrow down to actual victims. She checks the crash cart logs for missing epi. Each date on the log corresponds to a death, 9 victims. Back at the hospital Joan and Sherlock are heading to talk to their first suspect of 23. However, Joan splits off to meet her friend and Sherlock rides the elevator with a janitor. His first interview is with the chief of surgery, three of the victims were his. He’s uncovered that Dr. Baldwin is in a lot of trouble and nearly out of a job. Joan and Carrie are walking by the water and Carrie gets called to do a consult. She takes Joan with her. Her patient has a torn ACL. Joan notices something weird on the girls toes. In a conference room Det. Bell and Sherlock interview all the suspects one by one. Joan points out a splinter hemorrhage on the patients toe, she suspects endocarditis. Leaving the hospital Joan asks about the suspect. To which Sherlock says they stuck out. Her day is discussed and they speak of the patient she saw. He tells her to follow her gut and hold the course. In the parking lot Sherlock spots one of the suspects car five hours after his shift ended. Sherlock and Joan burst in on him as he was trying to steal morphine from a patients pain machine. Back at the brownstone Sherlock is upset because he didn’t catch the man’s drug habit. Joan notices all the angels victims were terminal except for one. She wasn’t dying, she was going to recover. The Captain calls Sherlock and tells him the doctor is cooperating. At the station he tells about victim number 7. After he stole the patients morphine and shot up in the bathroom, he had to hide there because someone came in. They talked for an hour and the next day the patient died of a heart attack. Sherlock is excited again and goes back over the records. Joan goes back to the hospital to talk to Carrie and it gets heated. Carrie shoots a low blow. She goes back to the station to meet Sherlock. He’s made a breakthrough. There are two different sets of handwriting. That specific patient did not speak English, she only spoke Ukrainian. The janitor is now in the interrogation room with Sherlock and the Captain. He admits he was a doctor in the Ukraine. Sherlock lays out the nine victims and that they were murdered. The janitor calls dying a release when they are in that much pain. They searched his house and found a notebook with a log containing notes about those 9 patients. He admits to freeing them from their painful prison. Sherlock brings up Samantha. The janitor says she had metastasized cardiac cancer and would not be getting better. Sherlock tells him that she did not. But the janitor stands by his statement that she was dying. Sherlock is convinced that the janitor believes he was helping Samantha. Back at the brownstone Sherlock is going over Samantha’s files again. The doorbell rings and Sherlock answers it, it’s Carrie. The two talk. Carrie tells Joan she was right. Sherlock compliments her for a job well done. He thanks her again for giving him an idea as to why the girl was killed. At the station Holmes is questioning Dr. Baldwin. They discuss the angel of death again and that someone, Dr. Baldwin, had discovered him but said nothing. Sherlock accuses him of leaving a clamp in her chest during surgery. It could easily be removed but by doing so it would be the end of his job as he was already on probation for mistakes. So he forged a biopsy result to entice the angel of death to kill her and therefore preserve his career. The Captain informs him they exhumed Samantha’s body and found the surgical clamp that was left in her. The angel of death had taken pictures of the charts to create his files. Once Sherlock explained to him he had been into committing an actual murder he handed over the evidence. Dr. Baldwin was arrested. He compliments her again on her medical skill. Joan looks at the photos from her days at the hospital on her tablet and then deletes them.

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