Elementary S01, Ep04 – The Rat Race

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Title: The Rat Race
Original Air Date: October 25, 2012

Guest Stars:
Craig Bierko: Jim Fowkes
Molly Price: Donna Kaplan
Luke Kirby: Aaron Ward
Jennifer Van Dyck: Alyssa Talbott
Andrew Pang: Dan Cho
Susan Pourfar: Emily Hankins
Tim Ewing: Sommelier
Judy Kuhn: Board Member
Nicole Patrick: Barista
Stephen Plunkett: Martin Rydell
Alison Walla: Girlfriend

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: You’re abbreviations are becoming borderline indecipherable. I don’t know why because you are obviously capable of being articulate.

* Joan: What is your normal rate?
Sherlock: I don’t have one. Remind me to make one up before we leave.

* Sherlock: Flexing our deductive muscles are we? I could burst with pride.

* Sherlock: Do you want to find out if you’re right or not?
Joan: His last name is Ward.

* Sherlock: Well this is a bit awkward. But I’d say you were a damn good suspect.

* Sherlock: First one to tattle gets the shortest sentence.

* Joan: I’m sorry. Are you trying to take credit for the fact that I saved your life? And so soon after you promoted me to bodyguard.
Sherlock: It was a collaboration. Well done, Watson. Your deductive skills are not unworthy of further development.

* Sherlock: It has it’s costs.
Joan: What does?
Sherlock: Learning to see the puzzle in everything. They’re everywhere once you start looking. It’s impossible to stop.

Synopsis: Watson stops by the station to talk with the Captain. Holmes has been out of contact for 3 hours. She explains that they are together all the time because she lives at his place. In order to get the Captain to help she tells him she is a sober companion. Sherlock awakes in handcuffs and zip ties.

Two days earlier:
Watson is having lunch with a friend. However, the friend has set her up on a blind date. Joan is unhappy, to say the least. She puts her hair back and gets some strange texts from Sherlock. Back at the brownstone Sherlock explains the message. He turns around and deduces she met a handsome man, as she has put her hair back. Sherlock’s services have been requested at a prestigious investment firm. At the meeting Sherlock cuts off the long introductions and cuts to the chase. They have a missing employee, their COO. Sherlock comes up with a ludicrous fee. To prove his merit he does some deducing of his own and gets hired. Sherlock finds only one book on the bookshelves has actually been used. Inside it has a menu for high priced call girls. The pricier girls were his favorites. Upon going through the computer her finds that he has two accounts. A meeting is set up with the second accountant. At the restaurant Sherlock has ordered a bottle of wine. Joan is having none of it, but he explains that it’s for a couple at another table where a gentlemen is about to propose. He wants to know about the accounts ability to hide an expensive hooker expense account. With a bluff to the Post he gets the answers he wants. Peter has an apartment in Tribeca. Sherlock and Joan go to the apartment and pretend to be police with a warrant. They find Peter, but he’s dead, with a needle in his arm. Joan is worried because of the drug aspect of this case. The Captain sees an accidental overdose, but Sherlock sees a different picture. His arm has no track marks, the apartment is pristine. Nothing like you would see from an addict. Det. Bell doesn’t understand how someone would kill him by injecting him with heorin. Sherlock deduces he was drugged with the salad, then drug to the chair where the fatal dose of heroin was administered. At the station as they tell his wife, she’s upset. As he told her he was done with it all and ready for kids. She says for time of death she was a at a silent auction for Habitat for Humanity. She tells them the previous COO dropped dead, an allergic reaction to peanuts. At the brownstone, Sherlock is speaking Mandarin on the phone. He was speaking to the chef who made the food that killed the previous COO. He had a special arrangement with the chef to not put peanut oil anywhere near the food. The chef confirmed he prepared the food and there was no peanut oil. Joan asks him about something he said at the crime scene, about heroin dulling the senses. Sherlock insists she goes on the date he accepted on her behalf and volunteers to do a spit test upon he return. Joan is walking with the new guy, who asks her out on another date. He hails her a cab. He tries to kiss her but gets a handshake. Joan is back at the brownstone. Sherlock has a wall of the company’s employees who’ve died while they were working there. When he asks her about her date, she admits she’s a tad suspicious of him because of how he answered a question. Sherlock grabs his phone to search for him, but Joan does not want to be a cyber stalker. He searches marital records and discovers she was correct, he’s married. The results on the salad come back, there was heroin in the salad. Sherlock sets up a meeting with Peter’s company and he lays out a scenario where there are four actual murders that have been committed. The board is not happy that Sherlock is insinuating that someone is murdering their way to the top. The brownstone doorbell rings and the company president is there to pay him and end this. He has brought with him proof of his innocence. He was in the hospital during one of the murders. He also provides additional information on a few others. As he is processing the data he annoys Joan. Things are not adding up. Sherlock discovers that Donna, the secretary, is the emergency contact for the president. Joan meets with the cheater and explains that he married the woman to get her asylum in the US. Sherlock is back at the company and confronts Donna. It doesn’t go so well. He reveals the truth. She tazers him and kidnaps him. He wakes up in the back seat tied up. She’s taking him to Mr. Fowkes country estate. Joan texts him. So Donna sends a text back, without all of Sherlock’s oddball texting style. She realizes something is not right. Back at the estate Donna is trying to get Holmes to dig is his own grave. He gets her talking and the police arrive. He’s picked the lock and her pocket and tazes her. He deduces that Joan realized that the text wasn’t from Sherlock, which is how she got the police there quickly. She tells him that she was forced to tell Gregson the truth to get him to help. Sherlock goes to speak with the Captain. He apologizes in his own way to the Captain for not telling him the truth. The Captain tells him he already knew before he started his consulting. The Captain was just letting him get to it in his own time. But he’s not going to tell anyone.

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