Criminal Minds S01, Ep04 – Plain Sight

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Title: Plain Sight
Original Air Date: October 12, 2005

Guest Stars:
Kirk B.R. Woller: Franklin Graney
Daniel Zacapa: Captain Griffith
Keith Diamond: Detective Cornelius Martin
Kirsten Vangsness: Penelope Garcia
Patty McCormack: Marcia Gordon
Kelley West: Shelly Hart
McKerrin Kelly: Brenda Samms
Albert Malafronte: Bill Gordon
Ron Roggé: San Diego Patrolman

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gideon: “Don’t forget that I cannot see myself — that my role is limited to being the one who looks in the mirror.” -Jacques Rigaut

* Gideon: “Birds sing after a storm. Why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?” -Rose Kennedy

Synopsis: San Diego, CA. A woman is doing step aerobics in her bedroom. A kitchen window downstairs a person in all black breaks in. He looks at all of her possessions and then heads up the stairs. He enters her room and subdues her, she didn’t hear him over the workout music. At the scene, her belongings are trashed and she is dead on her bed with her eyes wide open. At the BAU they celebrate Spencer Reid’s birthday. Hotch gets a call and the party abruptly ends. They’ll be investigating a serial rapist/killer who already got 6 victims to his credit. They discuss the most recent victim on the plane. The signature is a ballad written on a mirror and the eyes glued open. A woman walks into her backyard to pick a lemon and a man comes into frame. The team arrives at the police station. Gideon takes in the murder board. Reid reads the verses of the ballad that have been left so far. The victims are classified as risk in high risk areas. The detective offers to take them to the most recent crime scene. It’s still taped off as the husband won’t go back. Returning to the woman who picked the lemon, someone enters into her kitchen through her back door and attacks her. The detective asks how they do things differently then a regular officer. The behavior is what they look for. Hotch calls Gideon to inform him there could have been another attack. Morgan goes through the killers steps, even entering the house in the same manner as he did. From coming in the window he determines the killer is at least a little bit athletic. Gideon goes to the master bedroom and Morgan walks through the downstairs. At the new scene the poor woman is quite shaken. Elle breaks Mrs. Gordon away from the pack of men. At the previous Morgan analyzes the destruction and determines he destroyed the belongings after he committed the murder. Elle and Mrs. Gordon talk outside in her garden. Back at the last murder Gideon and Morgan brainstorm. Mrs. Gordon is able to tell her what happened. She only saw his eyes, she kept staring him in the eyes. He kept staring back at her through the ski mask. Back at the station Reid has found that the ballad is 10 verses long, but the ballad did not start until the 4th murder. JJ finds that there wasn’t any press until the ballad left at the fourth murder. Gideon delivers the profile. He’s organized, has his own murder kit, the vehicle is probably related to his job and he watches his victims for a while. Reid speaks to the poem and that it is about class. To death the poor and the rich are the same. This unsub blends in, he appears to belong. Gideon states the attacker is white. One of the investigators disagrees based on the newest attack. But it’s pointed out that a ski mask has never been used before, he’s not leaving any witnesses he doesn’t hide his face. He glues their eyes open to make sure they see him. Mrs. Gordon’s attack is a one-off unrelated to the serial killer. Gideon has Mrs. Gordon’s attacker arrested and given credit for all of the murders. The goal to make the real killer mad enough to call him. Gideon’s plan works and Penelope gets the trace going. He lets them know that tomorrow he will kill again. The next day they have units everywhere keeping an eye out for any kind of work truck. Gideon and Elle sit watch near the most recent victim’s house but he is bothered by the eyes. Reid and Morgan speculate. They conclude they are looking for someone who won’t stand out. Back in Elle and Gideon’s car she looks up and sees a bird on the telephone lines. Elle gets a call from Garcia, the call couldn’t be traced because it was routed through 25 different sub stations. They go back in the house. He lays in the same spot as the victim. She was facing the telephone lines. Elle calls Garcia to check on telephone repairmen in the area. A different house and a woman is feeding her baby. She is taken aback when a man is in her house. Reid and Morgan go to the telephone company to track down Franklin Graney. He’s on service calls in the area of Orange and Chandler. Gideon and Elle find his truck and start searching the area. Hotch notices an open gate and hears a baby crying. He sees the work belt and knows Franklin is there. He calls Hotch to give his location and proceeds to the master bedroom. He enters the room to find the woman tied up and Franklin holding a gun. Gideon talks him down by playing to his ego and desire for attention. He puts the gun down as Hotch walks in. This time they get to save one.

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