Book: Death Du Jour [Bones #2] by Kathy Reichs

Dr. Brennan is called up to dig up a deceased nun who is up for sainthood: Sister Elisabeth Nicolet. Her small coffin is buried in the recesses in an old decaying church.

She also has to deal with burned bodies recovered from a chalet that was engulfed in flames. Instead of just dealing with the bodies she also gets drawn into the arson investigation with Detective Andrew Ryan. This leads them to an island in the Carolina’s.

How is the chalet and the island connected? What was Sister Elisabeth Nicolet’s life really like?

You can click on either link below to read for yourself.
Death du Jour [Bones, Book #2] by Kathy Reichs
Amazon Death du Jour (Bones Novels, Book #2)
iTunes Death Du Jour – Kathy Reichs

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