Criminal Minds S01, Ep03 – Won’t Get Fooled Again

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Title: Won’t Get Fooled Again
Original Air Date: October 5, 2005

Guest Stars:
Tim Kelleher: Adrian Bale
Jay Acovone: Detective Morrison
Tom Virtue: Gil Clurman
Caryn West: Mrs. Clurman
Indrajit Sarkar: Chicu Reddy
Scott Conte: Dan Tracy
Asante Jones: Officer Worthy
P.J. Marino: Prison Guard

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gideon: “Almost all absurdity of conduct arises from the imitation of those whom we cannot resemble.” – Samuel Johnson

Synopsis: A man sits outside of a house. He confronts the man who comes out. He’s holding a box. The box explodes. The man who walked away gets knocked down, but the man with the box is missing a foot. At the BAU they analyze pictures of the bomb. It’s a mercury bomb, and was triggered by the box being titled. They are watching live footage and another bomb goes off in the background. Derek volunteers to stay behind and piece together the bomb. On the plane the team discusses victimology. At the bombing scene they try to figure out why the bomb didn’t go off sooner. The bomb fragments are delivered to Derek. He gives Garcia a lesson on bomb construction. They search through the victim’s house. His wife is furious. They find some suspicious stuff. Gideon interviews the guy that got blown up. He thought the box had a flower pot in it. At the house Elle discovers there is a nephew. She suspects the bomb making items belong to the nephew. Derek and Garcia are putting the bomb together. The last few pieces don’t fit. Garcia does something like Tetris and Derek knows who built the bomb, Adrian Bale, but he’s in prison. So it has to be a copy cat. Gideon and the team deliver the profile. Gideon decides to visit Bale. Derek calls the team to confirm that the bomb is the same as Bale makes, someone is forging his bombs. At the prison Gideon meets with Bale. JJ leads a press conference. A mother and daughter are watching it. Gideon and Bale talk, Bale unwittingly gives Gideon key information. Back at the mother and daughters house, the daughter picks up a package from the porch, it’s most likely another bomb. The team and bomb squad show up and get the bomb stable. The mother and daughter are taken off the porch. Elle picks up a lead. The older woman killed was trying to insure some coins that her insurance company thought were fake. Reid calls Garcia. Bale has gotten around the firewall and has an email account. Garcia tricks him into opening an email with a virus so she can track what he is doing. He accessed a website for bomb enthusiasts and sent a message to them all. They make the link to David Walker the coin dealer. Elle visits him. As they head towards the garage he drives out of the garage hitting his wife. Elle fires several rounds at him to try and stop him. They check out the garage and find coin counterfeiting and also bomb making supplies, and he obsessed with Adrian Bale. Derek and Garcia go through the print outs of Bale’s email. At the police station they get a rundown of Mr. Walker’s background. They now believe he killed all those people to cover up killing the older lady who was going to end his coin forging. A man walks into the police station with a bomb around his neck. After everyone calms down, they photograph the bomb to try and figure out how to diffuse it. With only three hours the bomb expert doesn’t believe he can diffuse it. The man figures that out and is visibly upset. The snipers find Walker in storage room close by. Hotch, Elle and some other agents enter the building that Walker is in. Hotch and Walker are at a stand off. Derek calls Gideon. There is an email from Bale to Walker, to not give up or turn himself in. Gideon radios those in the building to get out. Walker’s bomb goes off, killing him, but no one is hurt. Gideon cuts a deal with Bale so that he will help him diffuse the bomb. Bale is on scene. He tells him what to cut, but Gideon goes for the opposite wire. He knew that Bale could not resist the urge to detonate it from their earlier interview.

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