The X Files S01, Ep03 – Squeeze

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Title: Squeeze
Original Air Date: September 24, 1993

Guest Stars:
Doug Hutchison: Eugene Victor Tooms
Donal Logue: Agent Tom Colton
Henry Beckman: Detective Frank Briggs
Kevin McNulty: Agent Fuller
Terence Kelly: George Usher
Colleen Winton: Lie Detector Technician
James Bell: Johnson
Gary Hetherington: Kennedy
Rob Morton: Kramer
Paul Joyce: Thomas Werner

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder (to Scully): Do you think I’m spooky?

* Mulder (to Scully): You were right.

* Mulder: What’s the matter Colton? You worried I’m going to solve your case?

* Tom: Look, Dana who’s side are you on?
Scully: The victim’s.

* Scully: Is this what it takes to climb the ladder, Colton?
Colton: All they way to the top.
Scully: Then I can’t wait till you fall off and land on your ass.

Synopsis: A man in a secured office building is murdered and no one can figure out how the killer got in and out without being caught on security video. Scully is having lunch with an old friend, who puts Mulder down. Scully is offended. He tells her about a case and then asks for her and Mulder’s help. She and Mulder meet at the office crime scene. She explains to Mulder what’s going on as Tom comes in. Mulder discovers that the heating vent as recently been removed and put back. It also has a smeared print which he pulls. The print matches some cold X Files cases. There has been 5 murders, with extracted livers, every 30 years. Mulder and Scully decide to pick up their own investigation, inclusive of all the cases. Scully presents a profile to Tom and company. Her profile leads to stake outs of the murder scenes. Mulder scares her on her stake out. Suddenly, there is banging coming from a heating unit. He alerts Scully and she requests back up. Eugene Tooms emerges and is arrested. He gets given a polygraph. He passed it. Tom’s team release him. But Mulder believes he’s the killer. Mulder pulls up the prints from the previous and current crimes and changes Tooms prints to match the dimension. The prints are identical. That same evening Tooms strikes again and kills another man. Mulder and Scully go to the new murder scene to investigate. Tom gives Mulder a hard time and Scully puts him in his place. Mulder notices a souvenir was taken from the crime scene. They go looking for Tooms and he is missing. They do some research and find one of the investigators from a previous case. The retired detective tells of a horrible scene that he has never forgotten. This case is the only one that has haunted him. He gives them everything he had on the case to help them solve it. After they leave they go to the old apartment building and find the building abandoned and run down. They find his apartment and a passage to the basement. They find the trophies collected from each murder. Closer inspection turns up a nest. They know he’ll be back. As she leaves Tooms steals her cross necklace. Agents are assigned to the stake out. Her friend Tom turns on her damaging her investigation and halting her stake out. Later that night, Scully heads home. Tooms is watching her. Mulder goes back to the stake out to find there is no one. Back at Scully’s apartment she leaves a message for Mulder to call her and she sets a bath. Mulder re-examines the basement and finds that Scully’s necklace has been added. She is the last target. Tooms is breaking into Scully’s apartment and she grabs her gun. Mulder races to the scene as Tooms bursts through a vent. She fights back and they capture him. Tooms is in a psychiatric facility and he’s building yet another nest. Scully’s had tests runs and he’s completely abnormal.

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