Book: 10th Anniversary [Women’s Murder Club #10] by James Patterson review

The 10th book in the series did not leave me wanting. It started with Lindsay getting married to Joe. All I can say is “YAY!!”

This books keeps Lindsay and company far busier than the rest of the books because there are more than just one or two cases and they’re very different until Cindy proves otherwise.

One of the cases focuses on a teenager found on the side of the road who is wearing nothing but a poncho and bleeding a lot. She apparently just had a baby, but has no recollection. As her case moves forward Lindsay and Rich prove that everything this teen is telling them is a lie, but why? And where’s the baby?

We really get a good hit of Yuki in this book. She’s working another high profile case but is still haunted by the fact that she hasn’t won a conviction as of yet. Dr. Candace Martin is accused of killing her husband. It’s an open and shut case, or is it? Plus Yuki gets a new boyfriend, Brady, also known as Lindsay’s new boss.

As for Cindy and her stories, well she always does get a little too involved in her work. She discovers that women are turning up in random places with no memory of what happened and discovering they were raped. Bulldog Cindy goes all-in in the investigation. But how much is too much? Will Cindy herself get too close and become a victim?

Read it and find out…get your copy here.

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