Book: The 9th Judgement [Women’s Murder Club series #9] by James Patterson

This book left me shocked. The characters in all the cases are interwoven. That’s never happened in one of these books before. Two women in abusive marriages who work together. Both are victims but one is also a high end cat burglar. Despite their situations these women, Heidi and Sarah, fall in love with each other.

Heidi’s husband is a veteran who never really came back from the war. He’s extremely violent. He enjoys hitting her and abusing the kids. He fantasizes about killing the three of them. That’s how much he hates them. He doesn’t have the guts to kill them right off. Instead he goes on a killing spree for practice of mothers and their babies.

Sarah’s husband is an abusive drunk. He enjoys beating her as well. She turns out to be a cat burglar. In one of the homes she rips off a husband uses her as a scapegoat to murder his wife.

Mr. Killer of women and children goes way too far and after what he did to Lindsay she is out for blood.

Does the cat burglar get caught? Convicted of murder even though she isn’t the killer? Do Heidi and her children die at her murderous husbands hands? Is he ever caught?

Amazon The 9th Judgment (Women’s Murder Club)

iTunes The 9th Judgment – James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

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