Book: The 8th Confession [Women’s Murder Club series #8] by James Patterson

This book is very short. At least it felt that way to me. Once again Lindsay Boxer is working two cases. It really feels like a theme with Patterson in this series. And I wonder if in real life if a Homicide detective is forced to split their focus.

The first case is about rich society folks getting killed. But how did they die? No bullets in the bodies. No poisons in their systems. The autopsies come back 100% negative. Claire is stumped. McCorkle who works cold cases brings in a few murder books. A series of high society victims back in the early 80’s who seem to have died the same way: undetermined but definitely not naturally. They finally figure out the murder weapon. Even if I wrote it out right here you’d think I was pulling your leg. But as a result of the confession they finally get, not only are the current murders solved but the cold cases as well. Eight murders solved with a single confession. Not bad for a days work.

Case number 2 is a dead street person named Bagman Jesus. His real name is actually Rodney Booker. Cindy wrote a story painting him as a saint when the real truth is that he’s a drug dealer and drug manufacturer who turns young girls into drug dealers, drug addicts and prostitutes. As his story unfolds I all really felt was disgust.

Cindy and Rich become and item. And for those still banging their heads on the wall because Lindsay has yet to give Joe an answer [over the course of three books mind you, it’s maddening] to his “will you marry me” question. She finally says yes.

This book packs octane. And an extremely horrific bus explosion.

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