Chew 2009 #1

Taster’s Choice, Chapter 1

Prologue: A soup is being prepared. The chef cuts himself and bleeds on some of the ingredients. He tosses all the ingredients, contaminated or not, as well as some blood into the pot. End Prologue.

Tony Chu is introduced to us as being cibopathic. He eats food and gets a feeling about it. If it’s a crop item, he can see where it grew, what pesticides were used and how it was harvested. If it’s meat, then what he sees is a little more graphic. Beets are the only thing he can eat without a reading. He eats a lot of beets. Tony Chu is also a police officer for Philly PD. He’s got a partner too, John Colby.

They have stopped for Colby’s coffee. However, they are on a stakeout and should not have left the van. It’s the last night of their stakeout. They watch a guy walk away with a bag stuffed down his shirt. The scanner shows a breast and a couple of wings. Another guy comes out of the upholstery store with two full bags. It’s about 25 pounds of chicken. Colby does not move on the guy as it’s Tony’s brother. We then see the chicken related meltdown he had on TV. The government said there had been a chicken flu and banned chicken. Instead you get a canned liquid that is supposed to taste like chicken but really doesn’t.

Tony wants to arrest him but Colby, again, stops him. He sees a bigger fish, D-Bear. He’s the one running the chicken underground in this part of town. They are gonna wait, maybe they’ll catch him eating chicken too. As they prepare to arrest D-Bear they are interrupted. An FDA Agent named Savoy stops them. He tells them they cannot arrest D-Bear, he’s working for the FDA. He lets them go in and have some chicken for dinner as an apology.

Colby orders a whole bunch of chicken. Chu orders the three bean chicken soup. The food arrives and Colby is thrilled. Tony tastes the soup and starts getting a picture. He tastes several murders. The sous chef in the kitchen is responsible for them. All young girls. Colby is happy to arrest the man. They go into the kitchen to arrest him. Colby gives the name. Suddenly, he’s hit in the head with a meat cleaver. Tony gives chase. He starts naming his victims and the dude is creeped out. They guy kills himself instead of going back to jail or giving up the names of his victims.

Tony is forced to munch on the guy to get the names of all his victims. Thirteen altogether. Many of the cases had become cold cases. In his apartment they found the bone saw he used and a fridge full of human heads. The Captain also wants to know why two beat cops found him eating the guys face. A lot of people have questions. The captain is worried he’s going to go to prison.

However, Agent Savoy of the FDA steps in. Now Tony Chu works for the FDA special crimes division.

End Chapter 1

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