Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S04, Ep13 – The Ever Burning Fire

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Season: 4 Episode: 13

Title: The Ever Buring Fire

Original Air Date: April 17, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mikey: I miss Earth. I’m tired of space. I miss Master Splinter.

* Lord Dregg: You destroyed my Scorpinoid. He was my favorite pet. I loved him. Now prepare to meet a horrifying and depressing end.

* Casey: Man, Dredd’s as hard to kill as a cockroach.

* Casey: A baby turtle? What did you do, lay an egg down there?
Donnie: Not a good time to adopt an alien pet, Raph.


They are watching Chris Bradshaw’s cartoon. They stop to go to the bridge. Mikey’s not happy. They are all feeling fatigued and missing home. They are heading to a planet of fire. It also has a fire beast named Toka. A giant fire turtle. The Triceratons have also arrived at the location. The turtles come in to land. They find the piece but they can’t just use the tractor beam to pull it up. Lord Dregg returns and is firing on the turtles. They try to escape Lord Dregg. They crash instead. Fugitoid tells them to head north. Lord Dregg then calls the Triceratons. They insult him. He tells them he knows where the last piece of the black hole generator. He’ll tell them for payment and the turtles alive are what he wants. The turtles and company are trying to walk to the piece but random lava flows keep shooting up. April and Casey almost fall in the lava. Lord Dregg comes after them on the surface. They fight again, but more surface starts to break away. Mikey almost dies for the second time. The earthquakes continue. Raph falls down and finds an egg. It hatches and Raph takes it with him. Mikey thinks he’s so cute. Mikey and Raph fight over him. Raph names him Chompy Picasso. April tells him to find the mother and give the baby back. The Triceratons arrive and the turtles run for it. The baby makes a sound and the Triceratons start firing. The turtles have found it as well. They call Fugitold for a pick up but the ship is not ready yet. Suddenly, the rock they are on starts moving. It’s toka. She’s mad. The baby calls out and they all fall. The piece is stuck on Toka’s shell. The Triceratons are firing on Toka. They have to jump on Toka to get the piece. April realizes that Toka is the baby’s mom. April gives the baby back to her. The Triceratons open fire on Toka again. The baby gets blown clear of her. Raph catches the baby. They get the piece of the generator loose and it falls. Fugitoid catches it in his tractor beam but Lord Dregg steals it. Toka files after them. Lord Dregg is flying towards the Triceratons with the piece. He demands they destroy Toka. They fire rockets into a dwarf star to kill Toka. Raph thinks the baby is gone, but he was actually on Raph’s shell. The Triceratons trick Lord and throw him out into space. They assemble the black hole generator. There is another Kraang outpost that has been found. They will test it there. They send a video to the turtles showing the black hole generator is complete. This outpost is on Earth.

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