Criminal Minds S03, Ep10 – True Night

Show: Criminal Minds

Season: 3 Episode: 10

Title: True Night

Original Air Date: November 27, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* “Superman is, after all, an alien life form. He’s simply the acceptable face of invading realities.” – Clive Barker

* “The noir hero is a knight in blood caked armor. He’s dirty and he does his best to deny the fact that he’s a hero the whole time.” – Frank Miller

* Garcia: Honey, I know you love me but the prospect of you whirling around here trying to fix this is actually more frightening than getting shot.

* Emily: Hotch, you need to see this.

* Reid: Sometimes for an artist the only difference between insanity and genius is success.

* Emily: He’s the first unsub I’ve worked that wasn’t a bad guy.

* Emily: It just makes me wonder if we are all capable of becoming something like that.

* Rossi: Life is a hell of a thing to happen to a person.


A man draws and writes a comic. We watch small comic fight scene that is graphic and violent. In the briefing room, JJ shows the team the real life pictures of the comic scene. Morgan takes Garcia back to her office. The entire place is covered in garbage and all her monitors have been moved. He offers to stay with her for the next case, but she insists he go. The man drawing the comic book has a dream of a girl setting up her voice mail. He wakes up to someone pounding on his door. He has a book signing in an hour. It’s his agent. He sees the new art. His current project is due in two weeks. In the limo they argue. We get a flashback again of the man and a woman. She wants a snack. On the way to the signing, they go past a crime scene. Reid and Morgan arrive at the scene. There are two more victims. Reid informs the detective that its just one unsub suffering a massive psychotic break. At the comic shop, they talk about the crime scene. Johnny arrives at the comic shop, but all the flashes and people cause him to run. When he stops running, he calls the woman and gets the voice mail. He runs more and gets hit by a car. Johnny tries to choke the driver to death. He runs off again. Johnny runs into a police officer. Then into Rossi. He starts a conversation and introduces himself. His agent finally finds him. Johnny asks his agent about Vicki (the woman in his dreams). The agent is now concerned. We then see the next part of the snack run. The pair is walking and eating jerky. She tells him she’s pregnant. The agent takes him back to his apartment. He recommends a therapist to Johnny. Johnny continues to have the flashback. We see him and her get attacked. He breaks the tv out of anger. JJ is giving a press conference on it. Back in the limo the agent looks more at Johnny’s art. Rossi and Hotch and JJ pull up right across the street. The building Johnny lives in the center of the unsubs geographical area. Johnny begins drawing furiously again. We see another comic scene. The next day a mail carrier finds the carnage. Johnny is passed out at his desk and the flashback continues. Johnny gets down on a knee and proposes to Vicki. Before she answers a group comes upon them. She screams as he wakes up. He looks through his place for Vicki. He sees the blood on his shirt and hears sirens. The new victim is the leader of a gang. There are six dead. The team is going to the scene. In Johnny’s head the flashback keeps playing. He winds up going into someone else’s apartment. She tries to help him. The team arrives at the scene. Emily finds something. Johnny starts having more flashbacks and rips apart his apartment. JJ is asked to come speak to someone who’s come to the station. The team storms Johnny’s apartment. They bring Johnny in and we see parts of the board and pictures of crimes scenes. Everyone looks at him like he is a monster. His agent is there with his drawings. He’s taken to an interview room. He pleads his innocence. Morgan tells him his rights again to make sure he understands his rights. Rossi has boxes of evidence. It’s the art from his studio. They look through all his artwork. Hotch shows him a mug shot. It’s Glenn Hill and he is missing. He is informed of the attack on he and is girlfriend. Garcia calls Morgan. She is upset that the unsub is Johnny McHale. Hotch and Rossi tell him he’s having a psychotic break and doesn’t know it. They show him is art and then the crime scene photos that it matches. They tell him he took Glenn Hill with him and want to know where he is. Reid finds Johnny’s phone. He calls the number, and it goes to Vicki’s phone. The phone is in a jewelry box. Johnny can’t remember anything. He has another breakdown. We see the end of the flashback. They are both attacked. He had to watch as they killed Vicki. They find Glenn Hill dead. The weapons are there too. On the plane, Morgan is trying to calm Garcia. Reid is reading some of Johnny’s work. JJ asks Reid about Vicki’s phone. Rossi and Emily discuss how Johnny was a victim of what happened to him. Morgan is now in Garcia’s office, helping her adjust her chair. Garcia asks Morgan if he knows Frank Miller. She then quotes him to Morgan. We then see a mental hospital. We go through locked bars to a padded room. Johnny has drawn dozens of images of Vicki. He keeps calling her phone.

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