Star Wars comic book 1982 issue 58

Rebels have set up a base on Arbra. Luke, Chewbacca and Lando take off in the Falcon on a mission. They have an appointment with Ferret for supplies and cannot be late. The rocklike blast door installed on the cave is lowered after they take off. One rebel walks towards the middle with the power rods. A meeting breaks up. Those that come out are discussing Princess Leia’s plans to hide their ships in the sun. C-3PO echoes the same sentiments to her. Lt. Brie offers to take Luke’s place. Princess Leia is not amused. It’s clear that Brie has a thing for Luke. Princess Leia explains the procedure to C-3PO. The generators are activated and put into space. A button is pushed, and they move into formation of a pyramid. The fleet is safely in the pyramid. The next sequence is started, and it lowers towards the star and begins gaining speed as it starts to orbit. It lowers into the chromosphere. The top thruster is turned on, so it doesn’t shoot back out. The fleet is safely in the star. An alarm goes off. Longe range scanner have picked up ships, imperial ships, in the quadrant. Princess Leia breathes a sigh of relief that the fleet is safe, but now they need to get back to base quickly before they get spotted. She orders all personnel except the maintenance crew to shuttles immediately. C-3PO and R2 head to the shuttle as well. However, R2 takes a detour. C-3PO is worried they won’t make the shuttle and be stuck for 6 days. R2 has discovered a power anomaly. He plugs in to try and figure it out. A circuit is failing, and the generator is going to explode. The launch bay shuttle suddenly closes and the shuttle launches. The power goes out and the two race to the control room. They find the crew unconscious.

On the falcon, Lando and Luke are playing a game of Novacrown while Chewbacca flies. It’s Lando’s turn to take over and he wants to finish the game first. Chewbacca is not amused so he shakes the ship to knock over the pieces and end the game. Luke is not happy because he was winning. Lando is happy because he was losing.

Back on the shuttle, Princess Leia is worried because they used most of the shuttle’s power to exit the star safely. When she is informed that there is a message from C-3PO she is surprised because she thought he was on the shuttle. He informs her of the problem and that the protective field around the ships are weakening. He also tells her the crew is knocked out. He also tells her the thrust generator on top is fluctuating their orbit and he is worried. They could lose the whole fleet. She is also informed by another person that the Imperial ships are close. They have to take evasive action. It’s four TIE fighters. Lt. Brie suggests having them blown up. Princess Leia informs her that they’d be reported missing and that would get Darth Vader’s attention. Princess Leia tells them to call Luke for help. C-3PO tells her that there’s not a lot of time left.

Luke and company come out of hyperspace to Bazarre.

C-3PO tells Princess Leia that R2-D2 has an idea and he’s checking it now. R2 has a solution but C-3PO does not like it. R2 takes C-3PO for a space flight. They need to connect to one of the bigger ships power to stabilize the generator. The jetpack on C-3PO starts to melt. He worries that they will completely melt.

Luke and Lando wind up in a massive market. Luke doesn’t know how to find Ferret, but he’s found them.

Back on the shuttle, Princess Leia prepares to go back to the pyramid fleet shelter. However, she is stopped by a transmission from C-3PO. He informs her that the fleet has been temporarily saved. They connected to a cruiser to keep power stable. But a fix will be needed. Princess Leia now heads back with in the shuttle so repairs can be made. She tells them to cancel the message to Luke. She is informed that it was never sent as they can’t reach the falcon.

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