Criminal Minds S03, Ep08 – Lucky

Show: Criminal Minds

Season: 3 Episode: 8

Title: Lucky

Original Air Date: November 14, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* “Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters.” — Francisco Goya

* “God sends meat and the devil sends cooks.” — Thomas Deloney

* Prentiss: Killer satanic cults don’t exist, they were debunked. It’s a suburban myth. What?
Reid: Rossi is the one that debunked them.
Prentiss: Oh, right, thanks.

* Morgan: My mother took us to church every Sunday until I moved out. This whole devil thing doesn’t spook me at all.
Reid: Maybe that’s because you never truly bought the God part either.

* Priest: Priests and dentists can spot an overdue customer a mile away.

* Morgan: It’s not a good idea. The unsub could be a member of your church.
Hotch: Serial killers like to inject themselves in these investigations.

* Hotch: I think he’s eating them.

* JJ: How’d you get to cannibalism?
Hotch: He didn’t take them for sex and he took their legs. He was trying to tell us by feeding the fingers to Abby Kelton. The fingers were a message. I’ve killed before was only part of it. I’m eating them was the other.


1988 a hospital for the criminally insane. A doctor fights to keep a patient locked up. He states that once he is released, he will go off his meds and will start doing everything he has written in his journal. Another doctor says that when he turns 18, they have to release him. Garcia goes to her coffee shop for her usual. A man is sitting at a table having trouble with his laptop. She offers her help. She works her magic and fixes it for him. He introduces himself and so does she. He asks to take her to lunch and gives her his card. She writes her number on it and gives it back. At the office, Morgan immediately notices something different. She tells Morgan she met a guy at the coffee shop. She is worried though. He tells her to always trust her gut. JJ comes in, they got a case. JJ briefs the team on the first victim and what the found of her. There is alligator damage, but there are several things that the alligator didn’t do. Rossi points out it is ritualized and likely going to turn serial. Next, we see some kind of altar and a man with a Ziplock full of fingers. On the plane, Rossi discusses the two types of violent satanic individuals. Reid cuts him off and quotes his book word for word about the first type. Rossi then speaks to the second type. Hotch hopes it’s the first type. Hotch reminds them that this has power and should not be underestimated. Hotch, Prentiss and Reid go to the morgue. She was killed 8 hours prior to her body being discovered. Her fingers were all removed. He also found fingers in her stomach. Rossi, JJ and Morgan go to the church. Morgan does not want to talk to the priest. Rossi sticks Morgan with the priest. Morgan runs down the questions with him. Then exits. Rossi and JJ interview the parents. Her father made the identification and he knew something wasn’t right based on how the sheet lay over her. The two exit and find Morgan waiting outside. Rossi smirks at Morgan. They all determine this is the work of a serial killer. Hotch arrives. None of the fingers in Abby’s stomach where hers. They belong to ten different people. A young woman stops at a public restroom. When she closes the stall door, she finds a pentagram on it. Then a man walks up to the stall door, and she screams. Garcia takes a call thinking it’s a team member but it’s the man from the coffee shop. He wants to take her to dinner instead, he wants to take her out on a date tomorrow night. She pretends that she is sick. She hangs up and throws away his card. Garcia has identified all ten victims. They were all prostitutes. She then talks to Morgan, and they fight. Prentiss brings in all the files that Garcia sent over. They deliver the profile. He put the fingers in her stomach to get attention because his “activities” had not been discovered yet. Rossi and Prentiss go to the new crime scene. Rossi sees the scene and determines the killer was in an institution based on how the books are organized. The priest is brought to the scene. Morgan is not happy. The local detective is not happy about their objection. JJ plays negotiator. A search is organized with all the church members. All the teams are supposed to stay in their pairs, but a woman breaks off. She is punched and kidnapped. That night an old car is pulled over by a cop. An alert comes over the officer’s radio and he goes back to his car. The missing woman is in the trunk pounding on the roof and screaming for help. At the station, her husband is distraught. Garcia calls Prentiss instead of Morgan. Prentiss gives Morgan a mini lecture on women. The priest goes through the searcher list. He doesn’t think anyone on this list is the killer. Morgan tells him this guy is imitating faith. The priest and Morgan have a highly charged conversation about faith and how God did not stop it. Rossi checks on Morgan outside. The two have a little heart to heart. Morgan leaves to go apologize to the priest. Morgan arrives at the church and finds a woman sitting on the pew. He asks her about Father Marks and all the candles go out. The woman does not respond to Morgan. He touches her shoulder, and she falls over. She is dead and half her body is missing. The pentagram is carved on her. The woman that was just kidnapped is tied to a rack. The kidnapper cuts her pants and then massages her legs. Prentiss has the ID for the newest victim. She was reported missing 9 months ago, but only killed her three days ago. Hotch thinks she might have been frozen. Hotch thinks he is eating the women. Results come in and confirm she was frozen. Garcia calls Prentiss, she can’t find anyone that fits. One institution had a fire that destroyed its records. Hotch and Reid go to the institution to ask. They learn that the only way they release a minor that disturbed is if it was a minor who turned 18. The man they need to speak with died in a fire. But he saved something from it before he died. He hands Reid the notebook. They get a name from the notebook: Floyd Feylinn Ferell. But he’s dropped his last name. Everyone is shocked. The team and police race to his house. The detective hears music from the basement. The go down and find three doors. The first is a freezer filled with dead bodies. The second is a cage or prison and the most recent missing woman is there, still alive. The third is where Floyd is. He is arrested. Rossi asks where Tracy Lambert is and gets no answer. He takes in this desk or altar. Hotch has Morgan question him. He usually holds the women for 72 hours before killing them. Tracy could still be alive. He asks him about his recipe book. Smily faces for recipes that turned out good and frowny faces for ones that turned out badly. He switch from the prostitutes to athletes because the drugs they used made them taste funny. Father Marks arrives because Floyd requested him. Morgan tells him to let him do all the talking. Outside, Rossi is going over the searcher list. He is on the sign in sheet but not the list of searchers. He realizes something is wrong. Floyd gives some kind of confession that leads him to tell them they ate Tracy Lambert at the search. Father Marks loses it and tries to attack Floyd. On the plane, Morgan tells Rossi how shocked he weas at how lucky he was to evade detection and capture for so long. Back on the ground, Morgan goes to church. Rossi pointed out that Reid was right about one thing. If you believe in one you have to believe in the other. At Garcia’s place, her date with Colby comes to and end at her doorstep. She thinks he’s going to kiss her, but he hugs her instead. As he walks away he turns around, pulls out a gun and shoots her.

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