Star Wars comic book 1982 issue 57

Lando, having just been pushed off Cloud City, is falling a mile and a half to Bespin below. The lobot comes out to speak with the Imperial Officer. He has determined that Lando must be saved, and he will do it. He breaks out an emergency jet pack. He straps it on his back and jumps off the side of the city. He informs Lando that he will need to slow down for him to catch him. He instructs him to turn over and stretch out his arms and legs to slow himself down. He complies. The lobot is now able to reach Lando and they start to slow down. On the planet below, some of the Ugnaught’s who became revolutionaries are waiting for the explosives to destroy Cloud City and for it to crash into the planet. Lobot and Lando splash into the water not far from where they are waiting. The Ugnaught’s recognize Lando. They want to kill him, but skimmers join them carrying storm troopers. The storm troopers start firing. Lando tells the Ugnaughts to fire back, but they have no guns on this ship. So, the lobot races to fix the floats and Lando races to deal with the storm troopers. Lando uses part of the camera set up to create a slingshot. He hits the storm troopers with a can of film. One skimmer is taken out. The lobot informs Lando that the float tanks have been fixed. Lando then tells them they need to leave the area immediately before there are more storm troopers. Since Lando saved the ugnaughts this time and was always fair they delay killing him then. They will take him back to their leader and let him decide. Up in Cloud City, X-Wing’s arrive. Luke and Shira exit the X-Wings. R2 is with them as well. Luke asks him to plug in to the system and see what is going on. R2 learns about the bombs and the evacuation of Cloud City. But Shira calls Luke by his last name and now the Imperial knows who he is. Luke feels something in the force and yells to duck. They are now pinned down. The ugnaughts have now arrived at their city with Lando. Lando meets their King and tells him what the Imperial told him. He learns from the King that the Empire doubled the production of gas and was working everyone to death. This is why he took action. Lando is livid that Cloud City was turned into a slave camp. He’s now on the Ugnaught’s side. Up on Cloud City, Luke and Shira are in trouble as more storm troopers are on the way. Luke manages to blow something up. Back on the planet, Lando readies his plan. They can hear gunfire. The ugnaught film crew head towards it to film it. The battle is in Cloud City. His commentary is colorful and loud enough to distract the storm troopers. Lando and Lobot are there as well. The storm troopers are distracted and stop fighting. The Imperial officer shoots lobot. Luke and Shira are happy to see Lando. Luke realizes he can also move things without touching them and gives the officer a demonstration. He then uses the force to find the other 11 bombs on Cloud City and arm them. The storm troopers hear them all arm. Luke tells them they only have 30 seconds before they explode. No one moves and the bombs start going off. The city starts to sink. The storm trooper’s retreat. Lando then calls for everyone to escape. Luke stops them. He tells them he only blew the primers not the full bombs. The emergency drones are already fixing the holes. By the next day, everything is repaired, and the city is fully functional. The lobot is repaired as well. There is a big celebration. Lando informs Luke that he “accidentally” sent to Darth Vader all the information that shows the Imperial officer was stealing from the Empire. Luke and Shira head back to base and Lando goes back to finding Han.

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