Star Wars Comic book 1981 issue 54

The story continues with Aron Peacebringer meeting Sk’ar. Sk’ar informs him that his planet is his next target. Aron responds back telling they will fight him. Sk’ar tells him that their tiny weapons are no match for the Empire’s weapons. The Empire wants to harvest all the fighters from the planet to fight for the Empire. Leia is tossed into the cell. Delios, from Shiva IV, has tortured her. Aron now realizes the traitor from within. Delios tells Aron that he chooses to be on the winning side. He will lead once the Empire is victorious. A transport made to look like a local ship is taking an anti-matter bomb to the capital city were all the leaders are gathered. All will be killed. Then Sk’ar and Delios will rule a people that are enslaved. They are informed that Princess Leia is not to be harmed, the emperor will deal with her himself. Sk’ar’s ship takes off. Strom Troopers have Aron and Leia. He creates a diversion and the two attack. But someone came at Leia with a dagger. When Aron thought she was killed, now in love with her, he snapped. He’s killed everyone but one. Leia is unharmed, she was nearly killed though. She killed the guard to save her own life. There were few guards left. The pair steals a flier and pursues the ship with the anti-matter bomb. They are both lost in thought but finally reach the ship. Sk’ar’s crew notices the flier chasing them. They are aware of the escape and assume it is them. Sk’ar gives the order to block all communications and to knock them out of the sky. Leia takes over flying. She uses all of the skills Luke Skywalker has taught her. Aron is instantly jealous of him when she speaks of Luke. Sk’ar gives the order to open fire. He doesn’t care if his own are killed. TIE fighters arrive as well. She pilots the plane swiftly as a tear streaks down her face. They are hit and have to jump out. Leia doesn’t land clear and nearly falls away. She is confused how she caught the side of the airship, but she’s also injured her arm. Aron finds her and pulls her to safety. Once safely on the platform he sees the oncoming troopers and tells her to pull whatever weapon she has to defend herself. They battle and kill many. They then escape to find the bomb. Sk’ar is livid. They race to the other side of the ship, through various passages, to the bomb. It was well guarded, but they made short work of them. Leia has to disarm it herself. Aron stands guard to prevent interruptions. Delois attacks Leia from above. She manages to sense it and move in time to prevent herself great harm. Out of nowhere, Luke appears, and he takes care of Delois’s attack. Above is the Millennium Falcon, Chewbacca and Aron’s brother both jump and land on the airship. Luke hugs Leia. He calls for a med kit for Leia’s wound. She runs back to the bomb do disarm it. He offers to do it, but she points out he doesn’t know how. She asks him to keep the storm troopers at bay while she works. She refuses to give up on this. She could not save her planet, but she can save this one. The Falcon finally lands, after Lando has cleaned up the storm troopers. He jumps off to assist. He finds another General making a run for it. Lando takes a few shots at him, they do not harm him. He has a personal forcefield that is impenetrable. He slaps Lando and exits. Lando plays dead. Leia has successfully disarmed the bomb. Leia turns and hugs Luke. Lando yells at Chewie that the general is onboard the flier taking off. Chewie picks up a solid steel gun mount and launches it like a missile at the escaping flier. It explodes the flier on contact. Aron thinks sadly of how he fell in love with Leia, but that her heart belongs to another. They all attend at 100-hour celebration. Those from the home world and the rebels alike. Aron and his wife make up. On the dance floor, Lando is the center of attention. R2D2 alerts C3PO and Chewbacca that a star destroyer has just come out of hyperspace. Chewbacca wades through the crowd to tell Lando. Within an hour the Falcon was on course to intercept it. Leia is now afraid that Aron’s world/planet will be destroyed. They have no defense against an air attack. She compares it to Alderaan. Luke and Leia man the Falcon’s guns. Five fighters’ approach and Leia takes out one immediately. The TIES tricked them into flying straight at the star destroyer. They are being herded into a black hole. Luke takes over the controls. Chewie and Lando both think Luke is crazy. Leia jumps to his defense. He decides to accelerate towards the black hole. Leia now thinks he’s crazy too. The star destroyer holds course with the Falcon. His plan is to orbit the dead sun. It’s very risky. The star destroyer will not back off. The Falcon has both Luke and Leia, who Darth Vader wants. Luke will not use the instruments but instead the force as his guide this time. Through the force he can clearly see the black hole. He is now able to see the gravitational field. It’s a multicolored energy matrix now. He carefully guided the ship through it. When they came back out, the star destroyer stood no chance of catching them. The star destroyer moved too close to the black hole and the ship came to its end as it disintegrated. Leia is very upset that all those living beings died. Later Leia radioed Aron and let him know what happened. Leia could feel them all die, and it was horrible. Even though they are her enemies she still grieves for them. Luke and Leia talk. He offers to leave her on Shiva so that she might be able to find some peace. She refuses telling him she has to play her role to the finish.

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