Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S4, Ep10 – Trans-Dimensional Turtles

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Season: 4 Episode: 10

Title: Trans-Dimensional Turtles

Original Air Date: March 27, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Raph: Get off of me you cracked shell imposter.

* Both Mikey’s: Totally radical, you’re just like me dude.

* Kraang: So you have allied yourself with your dimensional counterparts, eh?

* Mikey: Whoa, what’s with the gross man baby body?

* Donnie: As long as Kraang is carrying the portal tech on him I can track him like Michelangelo sniffing out pizza.

* Splinter: Back so soon? You just left to patrol the city.
All four: Sensei!!
Splinter: Is everything all right?

* Splinter: Go. Do what needs to be done.
Leonardo: Goodbye, Sensei.

* Mikey: Kraang subprime?
Kraang: No, Megan Fox. Oh, I forgot you’re the dumb one.


Mikey is snoring and starts to sleepwalk. He goes to the main control room. They have found one piece. They have to find the other two in order to destroy it. The four turtles are suddenly sucked out of the ship. Now they look like the 1980s cartoon version of themselves. Donnie thinks they are in an alternate dimension. Another set of turtles show up. It’s the classic turtles from the 1980s series. The classic turtles brought the newer turtles to help defeat the Kraangs. They are fighting until a Kraang starts blasting them. The classic turtles attack first. The new turtles are not impressed. Kraang escapes through a portal. Classic Donnie homes in on the signal and they morph to another time and dimension chasing him. They go straight to there favorite pizza place. In the new turtles’ dimension, they have to stay in the shadows. Donnie tracks Kraang to the channel 6 building. He has climbed the antennae. He is placing the device on the tower. The turtles stop him from escaping. Both Donnie’s work on the device. Kraang supersizes himself to stop them. They free it and take off. Kraang tries to step on and crush both Leo’s. The Mikey’s pull him off. He races to escape through a portal. It’s an anti-matter weapon. They take it back to the lab to defuse. The new turtles are happy to see their lair and Splinter again. The old turtles race in. Donnie gives Splinter a short explanation. Splinter requests a conversation with Leonardo. Splinter notices how sad Leonardo is. Leonardo tries to explain but Donatello screams before he can tell him all that is going on. Donatello tunes his portal gun to find the other two devices. Splinter tells them to go and do what needs to be done. The four new turtles all look at him sadly before they leave and Leonardo tells him goodbye. When they go through, they find the Kraangs they have to deal with. It turns out to be a trap set by Kraang subprime. Now the other Kraang joins them. They are on the technodrome. While the two have a reunion, the turtles take out the rest of the Kraangs. They have five minutes left to disarm two more bombs. Another battle happens. They grab the portal gun and head back to the old home dimension. They climb the tower to get the second bomb. One more is defused. The third is in the primary reality. It looks like a black and white comic book. They run into another set of turtles. They grab the bomb and use the portal gun to portal hop quickly. They get sucked back into the technodrome. Old Leo tells them that all three dimensionizers have been destroyed. Then old Kraang’s plan to destroy everything comes to light. Kraang subprime is pissed. They want to live in those worlds, not destroy them. Now the two Kraangs fight. Old Kraang is exiled again. Subrprime fights with the turtles. Donatello extracts subprime and they play hackey sack with him. Then they kick him back to the comic book reality. Both turtles bow to each other and go back to their correct dimensions. The classic turtles have to battle a weird worm. But a sword slices through it from the inside and Tiger Claw emerges.

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