Wonder Woman comic book 1945 issue 15 (story 3)

Wonder Woman has now delivered the masters of Neptunia to the United States government to work out an alliance. Solo again tricks into being freed. Weeks later, they finally agree. They demand that women not be allowed on Neptunia though. When Diana is informed of this rule, she is shocked. She points out he’s afraid of women because he is planning something and women would detect his treachery. A robot animal similar to a tiger (from Neptunia) has been following her. It tries to kill Wonder Woman but does not succeed. She follows it and sees it get on a Neptune ship. She realizes it must be Solo’s pet. He sent it to kill her. At the college, the girls are in costumes identical to the animal that attacked Wonder Woman. They are going to be spies. When they arrive at the ship, Solo is angry they are loose. He thinks they are more animals. They are put in a cage with the real animals they are pretending to be. Wonder Woman and a real animal are picked out. They are tasked with smelling a hat. It’s Steve’s. Solo wants them to kill Steve. Solo goes to visit Steve and takes both with him. The real one does try to attack Steve, but Wonder Woman prevents it. Wonder Woman whispers to him that Solo is plotting against America. He shoots the real animal. Solo apologizes, but Steve decides to bring in more troops. The masters are having a meeting. They can cut Earth from its orbit and send it hurtling into Neptune, taking Earth as a captive planet. Solo lays out his plan to cut Earth’s orbit around the sun. They have planes equipped with atom splitting guns and will take off in just two hours. Wonder Woman has to tell Steve. She finds him quickly. He thinks she is an animal until she takes off the animal mask. She begins to tell him what is happening. The Neptunian’s are planning to release the animals to kill as many humans as they can. However, all the women disguised as the animal’s attack. The men easily capture the women. No one will tell where Wonder Woman is. Etta attacks Solo. He decides to turn the women into animals. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman returns as the animal unaware the ruse has been found out. She is captured. Solo gets her with the electric gun. However, she easily escapes him. He then tells her he has captured all her girls and will turn them into actual animals if she does not surrender. He shows her the captives. She surrenders. Wonder Woman is imprisoned in metalized water. If she moves at all it will trigger an atom splitting gun. Solo makes a victory speech. But outside, the American Army has arrived. Steve leads a ground assault to save Wonder Woman and the girls. Steve makes it to the laboratory. He frees Wonder woman. Suddenly, Wonder Woman hears the atom splitting planes taking flight. She races to the closet flying fish speed plane and asks Aphrodite to help her as well. She manages to catch up to Solo and jump onto his plane. Once inside she demands he bring the fleet back without firing the guns. She’s got her lasso wrapped around him. He must obey. Solo and Wonder Woman land. She tells Steve to have the troops surround all the Neptunian and told hold all the masters and mechanos prisoner. Wonder Woman speaks to the government about Neptunia. They agree with Wonder Woman. Women will be in charge of the mechanos and the masters will be imprisoned until reformed.

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