Star Wars comic book 1981 issue 51

A rebel spy was found out while on a mission. He died trying to escape. His name was Tev. His x-wing is pulled into a rebel ship. They find him dead inside with a message canister in his hand. The canister is taken to the general. What is in the message causes great concern for him. Princess Leia and C-3PO have headed off to scout an uncharted planet. C-3PO is excited. Leia waits to explore to decide what she thinks of the planet. C-3PO continues to sing the planets praises until he stumbles on gundarks. They are attacking him. Leia shoots them to try and save C-3PO but it doesn’t help. C-3PO goes flying. Leia then gets her shot lined up, gets a direct hit and rescues C-3PO. They run for the plane. This planet is off the list. Once off the planet, C-3PO finds an emergency message requesting their immediate return to base. Luke is exploring a planet that smells horrible. He hopes it might have escaped the Empire because it’s unsavory. This planet did scan as having some metal below the surface. So it has to be checked. He locates and uncovers the area with the metal. It turns out to be a functioning communications beacon. Suddenly, something starts shooting at him. It’s a scout walker. Behind it is a bunch of AT-AT walkers. They want to capture Luke alive. They attack the beacon and his fighter. Suddenly, they stop attacking the beacon since they decide they need it. Luke ignites his light saber and chops a leg off a walker. However, Luke makes it to his fighter and escapes. The troops know they are in trouble now. On the Falcon, Lando and Chewie are also having some issues. They aren’t getting along so well in the attempt to rescue Han. They are also in a space battle with Shem-Lern. They get the emergency message as well. Lando tries to set course to the emergency signal. Chewie wants to continue to try and find Han. Their quarry gets away. They head back to the rebel base. At the rebel base, the general informs everyone, including Leia, of the new intelligence. The empire is building a whole new weapon far worse than anything before. In the Imperial fleet, Darth Vader learns they lost Luke Skywalker. He is so angry he gets the officer to walk out into space. On the rebel cruisier, they admit there is no way to defeat this new weapon from the outside. They need to get a team inside to have any chance. Lando now understands why they were all called back. Leia is still pissed at Lando. The Falcon heads to the system the weapon is in. It pretends to need repairs and docks at a nearby planet. When they disembark, they notice everyone is in uniform. They’ll need to get some to fit in. Luke teaches Leia how to get several of the guys to break way so they can take their uniforms. However, one of the guys tries to take a kiss by force. She punches him. Then Chewbacca steps in to help. Luke and Leia now have uniforms. Chewbacca is just too big. They head to the shuttle launch. There is a slight hiccup, and they are finally allowed to board the shuttle. The shuttle launches. Luke and Leia both have some flashbacks to horrors the empire has committed. They finally arrive at the station. Above, Vader gives the order to remove all security from the main power reactors. Vader senses Luke. The captain follows orders. However, the Imperial troops on the ship have all banded together to do one thing. Kill Darth Vader.

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