Criminal Minds S03, Ep06 – About Face

Show: Criminal Minds

Season: 3 Episode: 6

Title: About Face

Original Air Date: October 31, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Hotch: “Now what else is the whole life of mortals, but a sort of comedy in which the various actors, disguised by various costumes and masks, walk on and play each ones part until the manager walks them off the stage?” — Erasmus

* Erin: You’re coming in in a subordinate position? The question is why.
Dave: To help.
Erin: A completely selfless act?
Dave: Is that so hard to believe?

* Morgan: See, that right there is why Halloween creeps me out.
Reid: You’re scared of Halloween?
Morgan: I didn’t say I was scared. I said I was creeped out.

* Rossi: I’m not back to get situated, Hotch, I’m here to work.

* Hotch: Where’s her dog? She was abducted while she was walking her dog. Where’s her dog?

* Rossi: Water: obliterates a body, destroys evidence.

* Hotch: She can buy a gun that easily?
Officer: This is Texas.
Rossi: There’s no license or waiting period for shotguns or rifles.

* Officer: He’s pissed off that no one notices him?
Derek: “Have you seen me?”
2nd officer: Wait, that’s not about the women?

* Rossi: Relax Hotch, I got this.
Hotch: See that’s the problem. There is no I in team.

* Rossi: An unsub like this, his hand needs to be forced.
Hotch: I know that Dave, but the point is you did that by forcing ours.

* Rossi: We’d go out on the road alone; we didn’t group think.
Hotch: We don’t group think. We think as individuals, and we share the thoughts with the rest of the team. We don’t write them down in a little notebook and keep them to ourselves.

* Hotch: You don’t have anything to prove. You don’t have to come back.
Rossi: I know that.
Hotch: So why?
Rossi: Maybe I have unfinished business.


Rossi is duck hunting. He calls Krauss to let her know he’s coming in at 2:30pm. He then puts on his suit, picks up his retired credentials and gun. He also picks up a small, gold charm bracelet that he puts in his pocket. He tells Erin that the BAU team is a man down and he is willing to step up and help. He rejoins the team tomorrow. In Texas a woman walks to her front door and finds a missing sign with her face on it. She goes to the police station to report it. The officer thinks it’s just a prank. He will swing by after work to make sure she is safe. That night he goes to her house. All the lights are out and the missing sign is back on her door. It’s not locked, he goes right in. He finds the kitchen faucet still running. He turns on the lights and finds the signs plastered all over her dining room. There’s a mask too. At the BAU, they are enjoying the day before Halloween. Reid hushes everyone has Rossi walks through the bull pen. Hotch and Rossi greet each other warmly. Rossi congratulates Hotch on running the team. JJ comes in and gushes. They have a case. At the briefing, Hotch makes introductions. Reid wants to ask all kinds of questions about previous cases. The briefing begins. Apparently, the officer still thought it was a prank until he found the woman’s body floating in a nearby river. She had been raped and her body removed with a sharp instrument. Garcia comes in with information on the city. She freaks at a picture. Says hi to Rossi and exits. The mask has the word one written on it. The local news gave the murder the “have you seen me?” murderer. The next night a woman is walking her dog and sees Have You Seen Me? Posters with her face on them. She picks up her dog and runs. On the plane, Rossi has the case file and the golden charm bracelet in his hand. The team goes over victimology. At the station, there’s another flier. This time it’s from Dallas. Hotch gives out assignments. Derek and Emily go to the first victim’s house. They observe there is not a lot of cover, so he’d need a larger vehicle that doesn’t draw attention. The second missing person, Enid White, sticks to a schedule. Hotch wonders where her dog is. Rossi and Reid go to the riverside crime scene. Rossi asks Reid about case storage. At the spot where her body was found, the officer feels bad that he didn’t do more. The body had rocks tied to her, but she floated up quickly and didn’t receive more damage. Rossi starts putting pieces together. Derek and Emily find footprints in the dirt in part of the garden of the first victim’s house. He was clearly there quite a few times. At the station, due to lack of water damage, Hotch realizes that Michelle was held for three days and killed on the fourth. Garcia has tracked a purchase from Enid at a sporting goods store, a shotgun. Hotch asks JJ to call the store and confirm if it was Enid or someone else using her card. Enid calls the police station. She tells them the hotel she is at and her room number. They arrive too late. She’s gone. They find the posters and a mask with two on it. Her dog is still there. They find Enid’s cell phone, she used that to call in. He intercepted her call. At the station, they deliver the profile. Rossi makes a call to Garcia. He introduces herself. He’s not calling about the current case, but a past one. It’s a 20-year-old case, Diana and Richard Galen. He would like it printed and put on his desk. He also wants to keep it quiet. The team continue to deliver the profile. He’s an exceedingly average man, which is why no one remembers him. Suddenly, the mask is on a news broadcast. Hotch is not happy. Rossi tells him that he called them. He used the mask to taunt the killer. Hotch takes him to have a chat. Hotch informs him of the new rules. Rossi is not happy about being told to stop. More information on Michelle comes up. There is a business she and Enid have in common. The unsub calls in, he’s on line 2. Rossi takes it. Rossi keeps him on the phone for a while, he decimates the unsub. The guy gets mad and has a hissy fit at work. The call ends. They got a location on the call though. Turns out Rossi lied about the guys face being on security footage. They head to the building. Hotch calls out Rossi on his actions again. Rossi is not happy. At the building they learn that three floors are the focus. Someone is assigned to check each floor. Rossi says the guy I sin the lobby. They display their badges and pretend to look at his photo. Reid gets a hit and is taken to the desk where the outburst occurred. Rossi and Hotch spot a man that keeps turning his back and hiding from them. Rossi calls out sir, but thanks to Reid calling Hotch they know his name is Max Poole. The elevator opens and Derek comes out. Hotch screams down. Derek drops as guns fire. They head to the man’s home to find Enid White. She’s loaded into an ambulance as kids trick or treat. Some of the team give out candy to the kids. The team arrives back at the BAU. Rossi speaks with Hotch about the team aspect. He asks him about his separation from Haley because he has not called her once in 48 hours. Rossi talks about how the BAU used to work. Hotch tells him it has evolved. Rossi has returned for unfinished business. Rossi stands in the doorway of his new office. He takes the bracelet back out of his pocket.

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