Criminal Minds S03, Ep05 – Seven Seconds

Show: Criminal Minds

Season: 3 Episode: 5

Title: Seven Seconds

Original Air Date: October 24, 2007

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* “Nothing is easier than to denounce the evil doer; Nothing more difficult than understanding him.” — Fyodor Dostoevsky

* “Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.” — G.K. Chesterton

* Hotch: Seven seconds is all it takes for a child to disappear.

* Officer: There’s still a guy out there who hasn’t caught.
Hotch: I know. There always will be. But today we made a difference.


A woman is paged over the system, while a scared mother and father begin frantically searching for their daughter. The mall gets locked down and no one is allowed to leave while they search for the missing child. The search team needs a photo of the missing girl. The BAU team arrives. Per security camera’s, the girl has not left the building. Hotch breaks down the search plan. The head of security provides the malls building plans. Garcia explains to the video security guy just what she needs and why. They finally get a picture of the missing girl and start to get it distributed. JJ speaks with the parents and Morgan and Reid go over the building plans. Reid gives sad statistics on how quickly abducted children are killed. Garcia finds Katie on the security video. The mall wide search begins. They have the parents look at the frame, but they recognize no one in it. The parents are then separated and questioned. The profile of the kidnapper begins. The cousin that was with Katie gets questioned as well. They try to learn as much as they can about Katie. As the question the boy, he gets quite upset. JJ borrows Katie’s sweater, so the search dogs learn her scent. JJ has the mother give a speech over the loudspeakers to try and appeal to the kidnapper. Hotch and Garcia start to realize that the right bait would lead her away from the crowd. Jeremy’s mom is trying to get to her son. They do sensory questioning with Jeremy. Turns out he was ignoring Katie because there was a pretty girl that started talking to him. She disappeared while the girl was talking to him. A dog picks up on Katie’s scent, they find a necklace. The mother said she found it at school, but JJ points out its an expensive necklace. The necklace was clearly yanked off her neck. This is personal and there’s rage involved. They no longer think this kidnapping is connected to the other recent kidnapping. The questions being asked of the parents start to get uncomfortable. At their home, Reid finds Katie wets the bed. Morgan finds a Barbie doll that is damaged. Morgan suspects she is being molested. Reid asks Jeremy some questions on the topic of girls. Next they talk to Jeremy’s dad. Hotch and Prentiss find it strange that Jeremy’s dad doesn’t know anything about him. The questions continue to everyone. They start to zero in on the Uncle, Jeremy’s dad. Prentiss and Hotch ask why he knows so much about Katie and so little about his own son. Hotch goes hard at him. Prentiss remembers that Jeremy’s mom was getting a lighter engraved for her husband. She asks him why he hasn’t wanted to smoke. He tells her he quit over a month ago. She then remembers that his wife has worked retail at the mall. Prentiss takes her, Susan. She runs hard at her. They now begin to search seasonal storage closets that don’t get used very often. Susan continues to deny taking Katie. Prentiss shows her the Barbie doll that Katie messed up. Prentiss ups the pressure on her until she breaks. Everyone starts running down several flights of stairs and ripping apart a storage room. Hotch finds her in a locker, with tape over her mouth. She’s not breathing. JJ tells the parents and they run for the place she is at. They are doing CPR when her parents arrive. The arrest the Uncle. They finally get Katie’s heart beating and she’s rushed to an ambulance. The Aunt is arrested too. Her son Jeremy stands with Morgan. Jeremy asks if Katie will be all right. He admits he heard Katie say his mother’s name. He then asks what will happen to him. Hotch knocks at a door. Hailey’s sister answers. Then she comes to the door. She lets him in to see Jack, even though he’s asleep. He stands there silently so he doesn’t wake him.

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