The X Files S03, Ep01 – The Blessing Way

Show: The X Files

Season: 3 Episode: 1

Title: The Blessing Way

Original Air Date: September 22, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Voiceover: There’s an ancient Indian saying that something lives only as long as the last person who remembers it.

* Scully: I told you everything I know. To the best of my knowledge Agent Mulder is dead.

* Scully: The men who killed Agent Mulder, the people who killed his father. They aren’t meant to be found.
Skinner: We will find them.
Scully: With all due respect sir I think you overestimate your position in the chain of command.

* Cigarette Smoking Man: Agent Mulder is dead. His body will not be recovered. He’ll be officially listed as missing until the matter can be resolved quietly.

* Frohike: They are rigging the game.
Scully: And like rats they just scatter back into the wood pile.

* Mr. Mulder: You are the memory Fox. It lives in you. If you were to die now the truth will die and only the lies survive us.

* Scully: You’re not protecting me, you’re protecting yourself.
Man: Why should that surprise you? Motives are rarely unselfish.

* Scully: What kind of business are you in?
Man: We predict the future and the best way to predict the future is to invent it.

* Scully: After you. Eyes forward, put your hands where I can see them. Don’t turn around or I’ll blow your head off. Don’t think I won’t do it.


The boxcar is on fire. Military men storm the older Native American’s house. Scully arrives at this house to find the aftermath. They tell her they were looking for her partner. Scully races to the burned boxcar. She screams for Mulder and it echoes in the valley. Scully is driving at night and a helicopter flies over, it stops in front of her, and more army men pull her out. They want the files. They take the paper files and leave her. Scully is in Skinner’s office. She is being punished and put on an unpaid leave. Skinner follows Scully. She’s furious. She imparts a piece of her mind and exits. Scully goes to their basement office to get the data tape but the case is empty. A group of men discuss their 40 years of work. The cigarette smoking man tries to calm them by telling them Mulder is dead. Scully goes to visit her mom and breaks down. The native American men are informed that buzzards are circling in the desert. Many go out to find what they were circling. They find a hand sticking up under the rocks. When they unbury it, they find Mulder. He was on top of a decayed alien body. They hauled Mulder to a ceremonial hut to perform The Blessing Way to try and save him. Frohike pays Scully a visit at her apartment. They talk about Mulder. She informs him she’s about to be fired. He gives Scully the obituary of the man who hacked the files. As The Blessing Way is performed on Mulder, the healer worries that Mulder will choose to go and be with his father who has just passed. Mulder is first visited by Deep Throat. He urges him to continue to live. Then there is video of the aliens in the boxcar being gassed to death. He’s next visited by his father. Mulder opens his eyes and looks at him. He apologizes to Mulder for all the lies. He tells him his sister is not dead. He can only find the truth if he moves forward. Scully goes back to the FBI building. She goes to Skinner’s office. She tells him about the man killed in New Jersey. She asks to have the ballistics run against Mulder’s father to see if they match. He refuses. He asks about a search warrant of her apartment for a digital cassette. She leaves. The Smoking Man comes out of the closet. He asks about the tape. Is told she doesn’t have it. Before she leaves she goes through the metal detector again and it goes off again. She asks to be wanded again. This time it goes off on her neck. She gets an x-ray. The doctor thinks it could be buckshot. There’s also a scar. She has it removed. The Blessing Way chant was performed on Mulder for three days. On the third day he opened his eyes and asked for water. The doctor puts the piece of metal under a microscope. He has Scully look. It looks like a computer chip. It’s now in a vial. She shows her sister. Her sister gets her to go to a hypnotherapist. They go through parts of her abduction. She remembers little, freaks out and leaves. She parks in front of her building and sees Skinner exit and get in a car. Mulder is told there are a few things he can’t do for four days. He’s given a gift of sunflower seeds. Scully calls Skinner and asks what he wanted. He lies about being at her building. Mulder speaks to Scully through a dream. In Boston, they hold a funeral for Mulder’s father. Scully goes to speak with Mrs. Mulder. Scully tells her she thinks Mulder is still alive. An older man listens in. Scully notices him. He greets her. He asks to speak with Scully. She asks who he is. He’s a member of a consortium. He admits he wants the digital tape. He tells her that her life is in danger and she’ll be killed in one of two ways. He is actually trying to keep her alive. Mulder’s mother returns home. She looks at the family photos and Mulder talks with her. He asks her about old photos. She no longer remembers their names. He tells her it has to do with Samantha. Scully arrives at her apartment to find her phone ringing. It’s her sister. She tells her she is a bit freaked out, so her sister decides to come over. A second call comes in and the caller hangs up. She calls her sister back but gets the machine. Scully tells her she is going to her place instead. She gets her personal gun out of the drawer and leaves the building. Skinner pulls up and tells Scully to get in the car. He wants to talk to her in private. She gets in the car with him. They go to Mulder’s apartment to talk. She pulls her gun on him. She locks the door and has him move to the couch. She has him sit down on his hands. Her sister arrives at her apartment, someone’s already inside. It’s Krycheck and another man, they killed her sister Melissa, not Scully. Scully wants answers. He tells her he took the tape out of Mulder’s desk and has it for her. It sounds like someone’s at the door. She’s distracted and Skinner pulls his gun

To be continued.

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