Wonder Woman comic book 1945 issue 12 (story 2)

Etta is presiding over a sorority initiation. They wind up underground with the pipes. They try to get out blindfolded, but it doesn’t work. Etta turns out the lights and they fall through a trapdoor. They realize they are in Paula’s laboratory. They start messing with things and one of the girls winds up being transported to Venus. Diana is close by and rushes in. She changes into Wonder Woman. She tells the other girl her friend is now on Venus and she will go get her. On Venus the men to be reformed, are not reformed. The golden nets are exchanged for bracelets. They finally calm down. The girl from earth arrives. Another girl gets upset at her for wanting to try the golden girdle on. With the girdle off all her bad impulses take over. Wonder Woman arrives on Venus while the new girl is getting attacked. She tries to save the girl. She puts on the girdle. It has a similar effect as the golden lasso. Velma, the prisoner wishing to escape, commands Wonder Woman to take them over a wall. They land in a flower forest. Velma takes control of Wonder Woman and the earth girl, Gay. Her next thought is to capture Desira. She makes Wonder Woman lure Desira in. The Queen Desira gets captured. She is the boss so Wonder Woman is able to obey her instead of her captor. Desira informs Wonder Woman the girdle is made of Aphrodite’s gold just like her lasso. Velma leads the three into the woods, planning to destroy them. Velma ties them all to the tree with the lasso. She then piles wood all around. She then lights it on fire. Wonder Woman uses her strength to pull the tree out. Before Velma starts to attack, she starts to disappear. Wonder Woman managed to quickly send a mental message before the fire was set. They are all transported back to earth. Wonder Woman wants to keep Velma in a real prison, but Venus insists on taking her back.

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