Criminal Minds S03, Ep03 – Scared to Death

Show: Criminal Minds

Season: 3 Episode: 3

Title: Scared to Death

Original Air Date: October 10, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* “He who controls others may be powerful but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.” — Philosopher Lao Tzu

* “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” — Eleanor Roosevelt


A woman is trapped and can’t breathe. A man stands above her and asks, “is it worse than you thought?” He closes the lid on her. He goes back to his desk to make notes. He just listens. He then looks again and she has passed away. He turns off the light and sits. Spencer sits at his desk holding the letter from Gideon. Strauss checks in with Hotch to see how the team is doing. Gideon has resigned and is not coming back or teaching. She asks Hotch for his input on a replacement. JJ begins to brief the team on a new case. Hotch stops her and talks about Gideon first. They start going over the case, the bodies and different ways they died. Only one of the four were reported missing. Some of the victims were not reported missing because their families were receiving emails from them. On the plane, they go over victimology. Prentiss worries that once the unsub knows his burial ground has been discovered that he could react badly. The team arrives at the Portland field office. Hotch, Reid and Morgan go to see the most recent victims apartment. Reid and Morgan take the elevator and Hotch the stairs. The elevator stops. Morgan starts pushing buttons and jumping. The elevator actually drops. Morgan does the alarm but it doesn’t work and he can’t pry it open. They finally get out of the elevator. Both are a bit panicked. They look at the apartment and learn a few things about Jenny and the unsub. JJ and Emily can’t find anything else accept that the victims are all new to the city and alone. The man in his office turns off the light. He has a flashback to his childhood and his mother. Then he calls a patient in. This patient wants to move on to the next phase. At the center, it looks like there are a lot of doctors. Back at the office, JJ asks the FBI agent what he did when he first arrived to get a baseline. The patient is now at the water with the man (doctor) for therapy. They talk. Then he prepares to get in the water. The team tries to give a partial profile to the agents. The patient is in the water now. He holds onto a hoop stick and the doctor holds the other end. He then tells the doctor that he is done with this session. But the doctor pushes him in and lets go of the safety stick. The man sits and takes notes, then he walks away. JJ gives a press conference. It’s televised and the doctor sees the press conference. Another woman calls the office. It’s the landlord of the most recent victim. She tells Emily that he has a strict schedule and he’s now broken it. He floats back up to the surface. The man is at home and his wife is angry that he was late. He goes into see his daughter. She asks about the fighting. His daughter doesn’t like the dark. She begs him to not turn off the light. He does, he says good night and leaves. A man is jogging on a bridge and sees the body in the water. He is the one who’s landlady called. Morgan finds the lifeguard hook. Reid has a new view, each person died of an anxiety disorder, fear. Emily talks to Reid about Gideon. Reid tells her that Gideon left him a letter explaining why he left, just like his dad did. Emily tells him there’s a reason that Gideon addressed the letter to him. There is another patient with the doctor. Emily and Reid check a laundromat. They check the announcement board. There is a program for $100 for two sessions. The new patient continues to speak with the doctor. She is afraid of cave diving, of being trapped in a cave. He tells her he thinks she can get over this fear in one session. He asks her to come back later. He’s in the basement with a shovel. They check the coffee shop. The flyer from the laundromat is also there but it dates back a year ago. They worry they missed bodies and decide to have the whole trail checked. Twelve more bodies are found. Morgan calls Garcia. She researches the company on the flyer. It’s a fake business. Dr. Barry Goodman is the one who runs it. The woman arrives at the basement. She starts to get dizzy. Her hearing gets a little blurry too and she falls over. He throws her in a hole. He takes a note. He starts having another flashback. Meanwhile, she is still in the hole. He breaks open one of the bags of soil he has. She’s begging for help as he pours the soil down on her. The team breaks down the website and his questionnaire. They think he studied psychology in the 80s, has a family and maybe adopted a child. Emily thinks he’s in his 40s. Dr. Stanley Howard is the name that comes up. Garcia finds his practice shut down last year. She gives them an address. They spilt up to check the building and the family. Emily and JJ get the family. The wife didn’t know that he shut down his practice. They learn his mother died last year. Reid, Morgan and Hotch find that his office building has been torn down. Her family has some commercial property downtown. Back in the basement, he continues to pour dirt on her. He completely buries her. The team goes to the building and find a sign with fake names. They head up to the fifth floor that matches his name. Hotch finds a patient signed in an hour ago. Morgan sees him going up the stairs and gives chase. Morgan calls Reid to call the fire department as he’s going to the roof. Hotch tries to talk him down. He takes off his glasses. He falls to his death. JJ and Emily have to break the news to his family. They find the last patient’s victims car. Hotch realizes that she is still there somewhere. Reid comes out, his patient was afraid of being buried alive. They start to search for her. They find the hole with the dirt and start to dig her out. It’s a team effort to pull her out. She still has a heart beat and wakes up. On the plane, Morgan and Hotch talk. Hotch tells him that Haley left him and he doesn’t know if she is coming back.

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