Star Wars comic book 1980 issue 31

In deep space a Tagge mining explorer and an Imperial Battle Cruisier meet up. Two brothers meet up as well. The Barron is not interested in another plan from his brother since Luke ruined the last one. He makes excuses and blames it on the Empire. He says the Empire will strike back. The Barron doesn’t want the Tagge family tarnished by the Empire. The Barron is working on his own plan secretly. It’s all coming together on Tatooine.

Luke is in the Dune Sea of Tatooine with his droids and speeder. He instructs C3PO to cover the speeder quickly. He’s busy complaining and Luke has to yell at him again. There is an Empire patrol with a scanner coming. The storm troopers are complaining about their patrol. One picks something up on the scanner though. He picks up the land speeder and assumes it’s a local farmer out hunting womp rats and they move on. Luke is thrilled C3PO got the freighter covered in time. However, the patrol worries Luke. Luke needs to recruit blockade runners. They head off to Mos Eisley to talk to smuggler pilots and get the latest gossip. On the way to the port, Luke stops. It’s the old homestead. He misses Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen. He notices a vaporator working and then someone tells him to, “hold it right there.” He distracts the guy and disarms him. It’s Fixer. He’s been fixing the farm for a new owner. They all thought Luke died with his Aunt and Uncle. The House of Tagge bought it. Camie is there too. Fixer and Camie are married now. Luke learns that Tagge is taking a big interest in Tatooine. C3PO interrupts Luke to tell him of an approaching vehicle. They head out. Luke nearly crashed into a Bantha. When he checks closer it appears frozen. The storm troopers return. Luke hides. The troopers disintegrate the bantha. Luke doesn’t understand why they would do that. But quickly realizes its so no one knows how it died. He will still complete the mission to find blockade runners, but he is also going to find out what killed the bantha. In the Jundland Wastes there is a lot of storm troopers and Tagge’s. The Barron tells his brother he picked this planet for his experiments because he also hopes it will lure a certain rebel, Luke. He wants revenge. It’s now nightfall and Luke has reached Mos Eisley. C3PO is worried as usual. Luke asks him to call him Luke instead of Master or Sir. He says he’ll try. Luke has the droids wait in the speeder so they’ll be safe while he goes in the Cantina. He enters and feels like it is exactly the same as before. He starts trying to pick out a few star hoppers to talk to. But suddenly someone falls into him. It’s Han and Chewbacca is there too. They catch up. Han has resolved his issues with Jabba and brought him back to Tatooine. He starts to tell Han about his mission but then stops when he sees Fixer. Fixer has been looking for him. He and Camie did something bad and he came to warn Luke. Fixer tells him he reported him as a rebel. Han tries to get them all out of the cantina safely. They get out but the alleyway becomes a battle ground. They all pile on the speeder. Luke tells C3PO to steer to an open desert. They get away but the storm troopers have called for back up so they can continue to search for them.

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