Star Wars comic book 1979 issue 30

Leia is on Metalorn by herself. It’s an Imperial stronghold and a factory planet. The captain of her ship is a little worried. The surface of the planet is uninhabitable but below is a livable work constantly bathed in artificial light and Empire order. A storm trooper yells at a woman who is out of formation. It’s a woman yelling at her child who should not be outside. She’s planting seeds in a tiny piece of dirt that is still accessible. The mother tells her she needs to be in the learning center not out here. She reminds her child nothing can grow here. It will be drained and left behind. But the little girl is insistent that she can grow something. However, the trooper comes over and pulls them apart. He threatens to take away her free time credits. He makes the child go to the learning center after scolding her.

In another part of the planet Barron Tagge visits Governor Corwyth. Sine his failure against the rebels he’s being forced to personally check all the projects. He brags about how the technology has kept the rebels off this planet. Tagge points out that it won’t keep someone who is unarmed off the planet. While he is bragging an alarm goes off. A storm trooper weapon has gone missing. The downed trooper stopped a lone female and when he asked about her papers she attacked him. They are tracking her but heavy equipment in the sub-levels is causing her pulse to fade. They do have a strong signal on the blaster though.

Her training is working for her. She knows the systems and remains one step ahead. A trooper stumbles into where she is hiding. He spots her blaster and is immediately suspicious. She shoots him but it draws more attention to herself. She’s forced to jump into the conveyor belt. It’ll take her out of the chamber. It won’t be shut down though. They will track the guns signal to track her.

They worry that the workers will think something is wrong, so they announce that it’s a test. Per the tracker the rebel is still on the conveyor belt. They think she is going to sabotage a furnace. But they have a plan. However, the Barron has left. They find that concerning but he’s not been the same since his run-in Darth Vadar. They go back to the hunt.

The rebel is on the conveyor belt being sped right into a trap. The troopers are ready to open fire. The conveyor appears and while the blaster is there, the rebel is not. The rebel used the system against them. They did not protect the tracking system would be used as a decoy. The guy in charge is furious. They make another announcement about the test being a success.

Leia finds her target. His name is Arn Horada. He doesn’t recognize her. She introduces herself. He becomes upset, he’s worried about getting in trouble. He tells her Alderaan was obliterated by a meteoroid storm and the whole family is gone. She tells him that is a lie. But Barron Tagge shows up behind her. He figured out her plans and she is shocked.

He explains while everyone else was busy tracking the blaster he had her voice analyzed. Once the analysis told him who the voice belonged too he only had to figure out who on the planet was connected to her. He’s going to take her to the emperor personally. However, she spins a food tray into his face. Food smears all over his glasses so he can’t see anymore. She makes a run for it as the professor kicks a chair into Tagge’s path. He yells at them to go after the enemy but they don’t. The daily broadcast tells them that there are no enemies so they are confused. He finally gets up and chases after Leia.

Leia finds and thanks the little girl from earlier for providing a distraction. They briefly talk. As Leia leaves she says to the girl, “May the force be with you.” She disappears back into the planet.

Barron Tagge informs the planet commander that the rebel is none other than Princess Leia herself. He is furious that he was not told sooner. Tagge points out all their policies made the situation worse, not his actions. The governor decides to execute her old teacher. Tagge points out by doing so he will give everyone proof that they have been lied to and that the government is afraid of the rebellion. Tagge advises him that simply keeping quiet is the best course of action.

Leia is safely back on her ship. While she didn’t get to have a real conversation with her old teacher she still was able to talk to him. He knows she is alive. She accomplished the important part of her mission. Her ships captain doesn’t understand. She tells him it’s not all about guerrilla warfare. Her teacher can eventually lead a resistance when it’s safe. But for sand has been poured into their machine. They can do little things, like building a blaster wrong. Most importantly they needed to know there’s still a rebellion. They needed hope.

Back on The planet the little girl plants more seeds Patiently. Hopefully.

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