Criminal Minds S03,Ep02 – In Birth and Death

Show: Criminal Minds

Season: 3 Episode: 2

Title: In Birth and Death

Original Air Date: October 3, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* “He who controls others may be powerful but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.” — Philosopher Lao Tzu

* “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” — Eleanor Roosevelt


Gideon seals a letter with an explanation. A man looks as if he is being romantic with a woman until we see what is actually going on. He has her tied to a post. JJ finds Reid asleep in Gideon’s office. He was waiting for Gideon for a game of chess. She tells him there’s a case. At Hotch’s house, he is having breakfast with Haley and Jack. She tells him his suspension was a blessing in disguise. At the office, the team gathers in the room, but some people are missing. The case is in Milwaukee. Four are already missing and a fight has not gone. JJ tells them that all the hearts have been removed. Hotch gets off the elevator. He has a meeting with the section chief. He tells Morgan he’s asking for a transfer. Hotch meets with Strauss. She suggests a white collar crime task force. Prentiss walks in and tells Hotch she is quitting. She plans to move to the state department. Strauss tells Hotch she will oversee the case till he is replaced. The team has concerns about Strauss leading them. She does ask for a briefing. She is taken aback by the photos of the woman’s bodies after the fact. They start to work on a profile. Garcia talks to Hotch in his office. She shows him the file. Morgan, JJ, Strauss and JJ go to the scene of the newest body. The officer on the scene gives them additional details. When the bodies are dumped they are wrapped loosely and they aren’t spotted until the wrappings finally open. Strauss gets nasty with the officer by telling him he should have called them sooner. JJ pulls her aside to explain why they don’t do that and Strauss snaps at her. Haley finds Hotch on his computer working the case and is not happy. The house phone rings and Hotch answers, but no one responds to his hellos. He hangs up and then Haley’s cellphone starts to ring. He gives her a look. He assumes she is cheating. Hotch calls Morgan. A woman is looking at kids clothes in a department store. A child startles her and he asks her to help him find his dad. He takes her to a weird and empty place. The dad pulls a box cutter on her. She goes with them. At the station, the woman is reported missing by her husband. Morgan calls Garcia and she sends over the footage from the security camera. Morgan mentions Hotch and that abductions and drop offs relate to school times. They start delivering the profile. Reid wonders why he only keeps them for 48 hours and why he uses his son to lure them. Hearts in boxes are what we see next. And the man who cute them out of their chests steps out of the shower. He then takes the gag out of his new captures mouth. He gives her a set of rules. Back at Hotch’s house, he gives Jack mac and cheese and Morgan calls. Gideon still hasn’t shown up. Morgan wants him to come. Hotch has to think. The kidnapped woman is brought upstairs. She talks to the little boy. She offers to help with the math home and the dad gets a little crazy. The kid asks for a sandwich to diffuse the situation. The dad and kid leave the room and she runs through the whole house trying to get out or get someone’s attention. But it’s lock tight and soundproofed. Meanwhile, Hotch gets dressed to fly to Milwaukee. Haley is angry. He tells Haley what the guy is doing to women and she gets pissed. The conversation goes badly and turns into a fight. He tells her he will be there for them after this case is over. Prentiss answers the knock at her door to find Hotch. She invites him in. He tells her what’s going on. Prentiss knows something else is going on. She asks why he came. He tells her that he thinks Strauss asked her to spy on him. He nails it. She tells him she hates politics. She has already turned in her badge and gun, he tells her she doesn’t need it. Back at the station, they continue to try and figure out the case. JJ points out if he is using the son, wouldn’t that manifest in the boy somehow? Strauss calls Garcia, and Garcia thinks its Morgan and it starts off badly. She has her look up schools. She wants a list of guidance counselors. Strauss instructs them to look for kids with issues. They have a lot of files to go through. The kid walks out to his dad in the van. He has a head pain. The boy asks if this one will stay. The dad tells him they all leave. The kid says maybe they leave because of him. The dad loses his tempter. At the station, Morgan thinks they should start with the youngest kids first. Prentiss and Hotch arrive. Strauss walks in. She’s not happy. The woman goes into the kitchen with the boy. The father watches. She asks if she can have some cereal. The little boy warns her that his dad is going to kill her. The team heads to another body dump. Strauss almost falls on top of the body. She accidentally steps on her hair. He’s adapting to wear the manpower is watching. The woman’s husband comes to the scene. Hotch asks Reid about Gideon. Tells him he’s likely at his cabin. At the station, they go over a map of the area. Reid suddenly has an idea. Maybe the child is not a problem, but instead working hard to be a perfect child. Garcia gets a call from Hotch. He asks for specifics. He also tells her to stop the glitches. She agrees. He thanks her. They go back to the schools again with the new child profile. They get a name. His father has an inoperable tumor and the wife left. Meanwhile, the nurse has brought the little boy home. She needs to make sure his dad is home and the boy lets her in. They start learning more about David’s dad from the school. He has a van and makes hand crafted furniture. The teacher says he was taken home by the school nurse. The team surrounds the house. The boy is alone in the family room. The nurse and dad are in the basement. He ties her up and gags her. At the house, they can’t move because they have no proof that the dad has her. Prentiss wants to go in alone. Prentiss isn’t technically in the FBI right now. She’s doing it as a civilian. Hotch gives her a two way radio to signal from. The boy lets Emily in. Emily tries to ask him questions. Then she tries to go down to the basement. She pulls a gun, finds the woman tied up and gets knocked to the ground. The father picks up her gun. She is able to hit the button on the phone and everyone rushes in. Morgan gets Prentiss out of the way. His father tells the boy to do what they say. They cuff him. The hearts in boxes are on display. Prentiss gets patched up and decides to stay. His little boy is in the back seat. He doesn’t even say good bye. Hotch talks to Strauss. She points out that none of them will ever move up the chain of command if they stay in the BAU. Hotch arrives home. Haley and Jack are gone. Strauss sits at her desk and looks exhausted. Reid drives up to Gideon’s cabin. Gideon isn’t there, but a note for Reid is. His badge and gun are there as well. He reads the note. Gideon is leaving a dinner. He’s just traveling, unsure of where he is going.

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