Star Wars comic book 1979 issue 24

The Falcon exits hyperspace as it needs repairs. But it comes out of hyperspace to run right into TIE fighters. Han doesn’t want to draw attention to the Falcon. Outside of that the only plan he has it to get them before they get the Falcon. One of the pilots tells his commander he’s detected a weakness in the ships shield. Please, the commander tells him to go for that. He does, it’s a direct hit. The pilot believes a mortal hit has been delivered and they wish to take a closer look. However, as the two TIE fighters get close enough to check out the damaged ship, the canon on the Falcon fires. It takes both TIE’s out. Turns out that Han had Chewie open a hole in the shield to draw them in so they could be taken out together. Princess Leia tells an impressed Luke that it’s an old Jedi trick. Obi-Wan/Ben Kenobi used it in the past. She tells the story…

Before the empire there were large luxury cruisers that would travel all over space. They had every luxury and extravagance. The crews only goal to was keep everyone on the ship happy. Everyone from escaping criminals to Jedi Knights used them for transport. On the ship, General Obi-Wan Kenobi is approached by a droid that is also traveling to Alderaan to see Bail Organa. He asks if he would mind pretending to be his owner so that no one would freak out. A passenger on the ship starts screaming at the droid to get below deck and stay away from humans. Obi-Wan steps in as he is not amused by this behavior. Obi-Wan turns his back on the guy. He gets up and comes at him again. However, the hilt of his light saber is pointed up and behind him. He activates it and the man run himself through on the light saber. The criminal offers to buy Obi-Wan a drink. Obi-Wan, however, turns down the offer of wine. The man also asks about doing business with him. But he turns him down. Over the speaker system they are informed that every system but life support will be turned off, this area is hostile to the republic. The asteroid belt in this system prevents hyperspace, so all systems get shut down and they float like debris through it. Obi-Wan asks the droid about Bail Organa. The two talk for house. There is a knock at the door. The Captain requests Obi-Wan on the bridge. He asks if the droid can come, to which he is told yes. Once on the bridge, Obi-Wan is told by the Captain that Merson ships are in close proximity and they don’t know if they have been spotted or not. The Captain asks Obi-Wan what he should do. Obi-Wan tells him to stay the course. Do not take action unless they do. He also tells him to warn to the crew not to say anything. However, crew members are already telling passengers and they are starting to panic. Obi-Wan is told of this. He says there is nothing they can do. The Captain is alerted that the Merson ships have now turned toward them. They should not have been discovered. Someone on the ship had to have contacted them. The Captain asks Obi-Wan if he will take over the ship as he has no skill in battle. Obi-Wan agrees and asks about their armaments. They only have two standard energy canons for defense. One ship comes in range and he fires on it, just three left. But he realizes they will have to come to him to take them out. He requests engines turned back on. If they take out these four ships, they’ll go back to drifting. Two ships remain now. Obi-Wan tells Rork to prepare to fire the front and back canon at the same time. The canons take out the last two ships. Obi-Wan tells them to go back to silent. The Captain is informed that passengers have learned about his thoughts on the signal coming from in the ship. Obi-Wan tells the Captain to locate the signal and he and the droid RKO will go and calm the passengers. Obi-Wan arrives just before a massive fight breaks out. Everyone thinks is the escaped criminal. Obi-Wan asks what proof they have. Obi-Wan tries to calm them. They are all under the influence of something and not thinking clearly. The situation continues to spiral out of control. The crowd starts to advance on Obi-Wan and RKO. Obi-Wan must think quickly. He senses more Merson ships heading towards them. He lights up his saber and destroys the fermentation machine. The Merson ships lose the signal they were using to track the cruiser. With the trouble over, Obi-Won and RKO retire to his cabin. Princess Leia finishes the story by telling them that once they landed on Alderaan RKO told her father the story.

Luke tells Leia that RKO must have been a great story teller. Han says Leia is not a bad story teller herself. Han informs them the ship is now repaired so they should get out of the area before more trouble comes.

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