Criminal Minds S02, Ep23 – No Way Out, Part II: The Evilution of Frank

Original Air Date: May 16, 2007

Favorite Quotes:

“I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their good intellects.”

Oscar Wilde

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Gideon is on a busy street buying flowers. He winds up getting button mums instead of roses. Hotch calls him, they are being evaluated 6 months early. Hotch is worried with everything that has happened. As Gideon walks across the street he sees Jane. As soon as Gideon hangs up, his phone rings. The caller ID says Sarah. But it’s Frank on the phone. Gideon pleads with him for Sarah’s life. Frank asks if he’s seen Jane, she came to Washington to find Gideon. He drops the flowers. Hotch is in Strauss’s office, pacing and talking to her. She asks what happened after he hung up with Gideon. The team was called to Gideon’s apartment. Gideon left his cell. There are 6 witnesses who saw him covered in blood. They are not allowed to actively work the case so they take as many details in as quickly as possible. They analyze the scene. One of the right rib bones is missing. In her hand, is the rib bone. They conclude that Frank is back. Hotch gets a call from a number he doesn’t recognize. It’s Gideon. He tells him that he almost caught Frank. He tells him he saw Jane in the street. Gideon wants to come in but Hotch tells him no. It will end the investigation. Reid, Prentiss and Morgan search the street. Hotch walks up to them with the bag of clothes from a garbage can and updates them. A kid skateboards over to them. He tells him Frank’s quote and then, “give me Jane or I’ll kill them all.” Garcia drives to a place that leaves her a little scared and she jumps when Gideon walks up and gets in. He asks her to drive. JJ calls about the small back book that has a missing list. What Frank has taken is a list of the people he has been able to save. He takes refuge as the Smithsonian Institute. Gideon starts to tell her about Mockingbirds. He needs to go back through Frank’s evolution. JJ has given Frank and Jane’s photos out to the media. As for the list, Frank has picked his first victim. Frank is pretending to be Gideon. But then he asks what happened to her. He asks her what fear feels like. JJ calls her. She says to JJ, “he’s not agent Gideon, is he?” They try to coach her to escape. She doesn’t heed their warning and he gets her with a shot of ketamine in her neck. Hotch tells him they don’t have Jane. They race to her apartment. They find her dead with a note in her hand. The note says, “7am, union station.” They are now worried he’s going to raise the stakes. JJ calls and thinks she found Jane. He’s likely going after children again. In the cell, Jane is freaking out. Emily and Reid show up to take her to Gideon. Jane tells them that Frank can’t feel love but he wants to. Reid tells her Frank is already there. JJ finds Tracey Belle, her family just relocated and she is the only one not accounted for. Hotch and the team go to the house and find Tracey gone. Her parents arrive home and freak out. Jane asks Emily if she did the right thing coming there. Emily tells her she did. When asked why she left Frank she says he changed just like Gideon said. Gideon is giving Garcia a run down on how to profile someone and victimology. Gideon finds it weird that fewer victims are younger. Hotch asks about Frank’s history. He grew up in Manhattan, lived with his mother Mary Breitkoff. Frank was fine for a while, but then his desire to kill overwhelmed him and he nearly killed Jane. They inform her he has killed again since she left him. Garcia tells Hotch Frank’s mother’s name and a light bulb goes off. It was something Frank told him in the diner. There are three Mary’s that match approximate age. One is a prostitute and Gideon thinks that it’s her. Gideon calls with Tracey. Frank is on the line too. Frank tells him he chose the station because of how much he loves trains. Gideon gives Garcia a note and tells her to call Hotch and read it to him. The train station is heavily covered. Over the radios there’s a call that the target has been spotted. Frank is sitting on a bench on the platform. Hotch asks Frank about Tracey. When he gets nothing, he signals for Jane to be brought in. He asks again about Tracey. Jane tells Frank she’s not coming. Gideon arrives. He’s very angry. They then give him a run down of his mother. JJ finds the mother dead in the apartment. They find Tracey in the closet. Frank makes a plea to Jane. She starts to walk towards him. He tells her he loves her and takes her hand. They pair jump in front of a train. In the station, Hotch hands a phone to Gideon. It’s Tracey. She just wanted to thank him. Back in Strauss’s office, she tells him all their cases are being looked over. And that she thinks he’s ineffective in his post. He profiles her. He then gives her a rundown of each team member and what makes them tick. Gideon adds a picture of Rebecca to his murder book. He also adds Sarah. Strauss calls Emily Prentiss into her office. She tries to turn her into an inside bug to rat out the team to her. More specifically to get rid of Hotch.

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