Star Wars 1978 #15

Crimson Jack’s Imperial Cruiser is now freed. His cheif engineer wants to escape as quickly as possible, but Jack has other plans. He wants revenge on Han Solo. Someone says he probably warped out quickly. But Crimson Jack doesn’t think so considering how much trouble it was to get to this system. He checks with Jolli on their ships, but the repairs from Han’s sabotage are not going well. She can have three servicable shortly, but the rest will take longer. He also gives Jolli permission to go after Han Solo. Down on Drexel, Princess Leia is confused by Han standing at the ships rail. But he tells t hem he’s waiting on Crimson Jack. His ship is free and he knows he’ll be coming. The sea dragon riders extend Han the offer to stay. Chewie, C3PO and R2D2 are working on the Falcon. C3PO pops up to give an update. Han yells at him to get down before he is blown away. He quickly goes back into the Falcon. Han Solo dives into the water from the rail to get to the Falcon. Up on the ship, Luke confesses to Leia he does not know how to swim. The firing on the Falcon continues though. C3PO starts yelling at Chewbacca to go faster and says he’s not programmed with Wookie. Han and Leia are swimming to the Falcon. Leia is pulling Luke along with her since he can’t swim. Han reaches the Falcon and pulls Leia up behind him. Luke is almost there. Everyone is aboard and they hastily take off. Han sends Luke to the guns. They prepare for Crimson Jack to go all out. Leia yells that Chewbacca has spotted something on the scope, a pair of hostiles. Luke flashes back to Ben. Han tells Luke to keep firing. Jolli realizes the Falcon has better defenses than it appears to have. Jolli has a flashback to an outlaw stronghold in a frontier world, flames are raging through it. She and her mother were left to die by her father. However, shortly after her mother was killed by a bomb and then it was just Jolli. Now she wants to prove she can write the end to any man. Han’s at the gun and thinks it’s Jack. Jolli comes straight at the Falcon they nearly collide. Leia screams about damage as the monitors are going crazy. However, Han realizes the Gyro Control Module and they have to fix it. But Crimson Jack plans to vaporize the Falcon. Han tries talking his way out of it. Off mic, Han asks Luke to get the droids working on the gyro control module. Han managed to wipe out the navi-computer. They are stuck. Han tells him that back when they were guests on his ship and he allowed Chewbacca to connect their systems he was a little sneaky. He transferred all of Crimson Jack’s charts into the Falcon. He informs Jack if he vaporizes them, he vaporizes all the charts. Outside the ship, R2 tells C3PO that the gyro can’t be repaired it needs to be replaced. Han works out a trade with Jack to get the part. In turn he’ll give him maps. Jack gets a transmission from Jolli that she has damange and needs a magnetic pulse beam to help get her back to the ship. He refuses at it could mess his plan up. She’s on her own to get back to the ship. The two exit their ships and float into a magnetic field to trade. Jack thinks its a pity they couldn’t work together. Jack has double crossed him again though. Trying to boil his blood by creating a vacuum. He starts firing. Jolli comes back into view in her ship. She is pissed. In an angry voice she says, “Is this good enough cap’n? Is it?” She starts shooting Jack’s pirates, her own shipmate. They start to worry as she is headed towards the munitions deck. She blows up the imperial cruiser. Jack is the only surviver as he is not on the ship, he’s out in space. Jack is happy he is till there, but Han shoots him. Han and company search the imperial cruiser for anything salvagable. They find Jolli. She isn’t dead yet but soon. Leia points out that Jolli clearly didn’t hate him. Han gives Jolli a kiss, both her first and last. They return to the Falcon and head out.

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