Wonder Woman 1943 #3 (story three)

Diana goes horseback riding in the snowbound countryside. Out of nowhere a boy on a sled, nearly gets trampled under Diana’s horse. She scolds him and he tells her he could not turn in time. She tells him she never had a sled so she has no idea how to turn while using one. She gives it a try but turns too hard and winds up in a snow bank. After a few more tries she masters it. After playing a bit, Diana tows all the kids uphill. As her new friend starts to go down the hill again, a car comes out of nowhere. He is able to get himself out of the way but the car is barreling towards him and plows over his sled. The driver of the car is laughing at nearly running Kirby over. Diana gives him some money to buy a new sled and then she jumps on the horse going after the car. She tells the horse to go home as she changes into her Wonder Woman costumes. She takes up the chase on foot. She finally catches up to the car and she was right, it is Paula the baroness. She strips her clothes off and finds lots of deal dealing devices. She wraps her in a carpet and hauls her back to her plane. She is forced to take off from the barn roof. She takes Paula back to reform island. The prison has now been built by the prisoners. They allowed them to do sports which they excelled at but they freaked out when they took the ankle chains off so they could actually run. But they refused to do anything without their chains. The ladies then attacked the amazons. They recaptured them all and cracked whips near them and they worked again. Wonder Woman realizes that they are happier as slaves because they are afraid to compete with men. She comes up with an experiment. She has Mala dress up and outfits her with a gun a few other things. Then go and visit Paula. Paula steals the gun and pulls it on her. Wonder Woman comes in and Paula holds Mala at gunpoint. Paula then makes her release all the slaves. She says to them that she has rescued them as promised and they are to come with her. But instead the slave girls ask her not to her Mala. Paula becomes angry and decides to kill her immediately. But Mala is wearing bracelets to protect herself. The slaves all leap on Paul and scream with rage. Their hypnosis has been broken. Wonder Woman manages to save a badly beaten Paula. She’s confused why they attacked her. Wonder Woman simply explains that they love Mala because of how she treated them, and love is stronger than the fear she filled them with. Mala uses their new loyalty to her to help them. Wonder Woamn puts her lasso around Paula to try and get to the truth. She hates kids because her own little girl was taken from her. She and her husband and daughter were very happy. But the Nazis came and arrested him. They wound up killing him because he would not surrender his property and wealth. They brought his ashes to her. She agreed to surrender the wealth and propertie to save her daughter, but it didn’t work. They took her daughter and sent her to a concentration camp near Vienna. And then threatened to kill her daughter if she didn’t do everything they wanted. Paula tells her she hates the Nazis and is only doing this to save her daughter. Wonder Woman decides to see what she can do. Wonder Woman leaves and flies to Etta and picks her up. They land near where Greta is being held. Wonder Woman has to walk a slack wire to gain access to the camp. She takes out a few guards along the way. She lasso’s one to take her inside and find the child. When she does she is afraid she is going to be beaten. Two guards surprise her and threaten to kill the kid. She surrenders so the child is not harmed. She is put in an electrified cage and calls for Etta to kill the electricity. Etta starts climbing the pole to cut the power when a guard questions her. She gives him candy and it knocks him out. She then cuts the power and Wonder Woman escapes. She heads back to the children’s barracks. A guard tries to stop her, she knocks him out and takes his flash light. Wonder Woman finds Greta, but she also frees all the children. Guards start firing and Wonder woman puts the kids in a tank to keep them safe. She then pushes the tank through the fence, while using it to protect herself from bullets. She and Etta load all the kids on the plane and leave. Back at Reform Island Mala tells Paula to put on her clothes and make herself pretty as they have a surprise for her. Wonder Woman puts her daughter in her arms. Paula is overjoyed. Paula then kneels before Wonder Woman and pledges her service to her. Etta comes running in and tells Wonder Woman that Steve can’t find Diana and is upset. Wonder Woman thinks its good he’s worried about Diana.

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