Star Wars 1978 #14

Chewbacca is still rampaging because he believes Han Solo is now dead and Luke is at least partly responsible for this death. The war raging outside between Quarg’s people and the Sea Dragon continues. Quarg thinks they are winning but they are not. Their skimmers are almost all destroyed. He’s advised to move the ship, but refuses because he does not want to run from the fight nor shut down the jammer. Up on Crimson Jack’s ship, they realize its a jammer that is messing with their systems. One of the crewmen points out that there was space wreckers in the Korteen Asteroid Belt and they may have wound up on this planet to escape capture when the Republic cracked down on them. Crimson Jack is not happy. The crewman informs him that their emergency battery may not outlast the jammer. Suddenly, Crimson Jack thinks that the was tricked by Han Solo in coming here so he could rescue Princess Leia. Crimson Jack asks Jolli for a report on th ehold. She informs them that the three have escaped on the Falcon. Crimson Jack asks if their boarding ships can fly since the Falcon can. She tells them they have all been sabotaged. She was distracted and feels at fault. Back on Drexel, Han isn’t dead, but he has been captured by the sea dragons. Princess Leia is still on the Falcon and a bit trapped. She is relieved the ship is not being towed anymore and their weapons are not at full power. She hopes that Han and Chewie survived. But is already planning to avenge them if they were killed. She changes her blaster from stun to kill. Quarg is now eyeing the Falcon excitedly. He says it’s a lifetime supply of metal. Another crewman tells Quarg that the jammer is not budging the giant ship and they dragon lords will defeat them long before the jammer has enough power to do so. Luke gets Chewie to trip over C3PO to slow him down. And has R2D2 hit him with an extinguisher blast. It covers Chewie’s face and deprives him of enough oxygen for him to pass out. Someone boards from Quarg’s city and tells Luke that Quarg wants him and his mechanicals now. Quarg wants the Falcon’s engine connected to the city ship’s engine to increase jammer power. Skywalker starts yelling at Quarg about killing his freinds. Quarg tells him one survived and and brings out Leia. He’s not happy because she took out several of his men before she was captured. Quarg kicks one of the lizards and it lands in the water. It swims away and attaches to a sea dragon which then swims to an underwater mountain. Inside the mountain, one of the men is assessing the damage. He tells Solo he’s glad he found him when he did. Han is grateful he was not left to drown, but is also suspicious as to why the dragon lord chose to save him. The dragon lord tells him that the dragons are intelligent and want to win the war against the city ship. That they co-exist with the dragons. He then picks up a litle lizard and explains that it’s a sea dragon baby that spies on the city ship. The baby dragons communicate with sound that humans cannot hear. They get informed from the baby that the Falcon is being used to augment the power of the jammer. It’s actually the jammer frequency that causes the sea dragons to become frenzied. Today it’s effecting the entire sea dragon population because it’s been in use so much. The sea dragons are attacking the city ship and winning as of now. However, he informs Han that if the jammer goes on much longer or gets stronger it will kill the sea dragons. Some of the smaller dragons and baby dragons have already started dying. Eveyone mounts a sea dragon, including Han Solo. They inform him his ship will also be a target. The rest of the sea dragons and riders charge into battle. The sea dragons start directly attacking the city ship and breaking apart its exterior. Quarg shouts at Luke, wanting to know what is taking so long. He tells him it’s more complicated than fixing a skimmer. R2D2 and C3PO are checking all the connections to see if it will work. It appears it will, but C3PO is not completely certain. A sea dragon starts to attack the Falcon. Luke tells the pair of droids to hury before the connections are knocked loose. One of the dragon lords gets into the Falcon before Luke can close the hatch. Turns out it’s Han Solo. Han informs them he had to race there on a sea dragon to beat the dragon lords and try to save the Falcon. He has to stop whatever it is that Luke is trying to do. He punches Han out of the way. C3PO tells him that he is activating as they speak. Han still tries to stop him, but the Falcon’s power is now added to the jammer. The sea dragon’s start falling and dying. Quarg is thrilled. He then tries to take Leia back inside to his jammer crew. She attacks him though. She is forced to escape into the massive ship. Quarg wants her caught alive to be hung. Somewhere inside the city ship, Chewbacca is waking up. He’s busting through boards and wood walls. Quarg is not happy and wants the chase of the girl to continue. Back on the Falcon, Han explains that the additional power is going to kill all the sea draongs. Luke tells him that the ship is no longer under Quarg’s control and everything including the guns are operational. They can blow up the jammer and save everyone including Leia and the sea dragons. Luke had R2D2 check the jammer. It sends it’s signal up the mast of the ship. So they need only take that out. They see that Leia is up on the mast yard arm and cannot blow it up without harming her. Quarg follows her up onto the yard arm. He gloats about taking care of her himself. Luke is swinging from another mast to get to Leia. He takes a shot at Luke to try and scare him but it does not work. He knocks Quarg off and as he passes back over the yard arm Leia jumps and grabs onto him. As soon as she is clear Han opens fire on the main mast and yard arm blowing it into tiny pieces. The battle is over even though fighting continues. But a new and better era is coming to the city ship. A dragon lord thanks the trio. Luke states he’s just happy to be back on Chewie’s good side. But Han is worried about Crimson Jack’s ship and that it’s likely still coming down to the planet.

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