Star Wars 1978 #13

The ship is a massive floating city. It’s policy is to cannibalize all metal and machinery and to kill all off worlders. The governor still wants to take apart R2D2 and C3PO, however, they are proving their worth by repairing a skimmer that is just about shot. C3PO puts some pressure on R2D2 by telling him their lives depend on his work. Meanwhile, the Governor wants the skimmer in the water to be tested. The governor makes clear to Luke that if he and the droids can make a worthless skimmer combat ready and sink a target, that they will be fine. Luke hopes that the skimmer will hold together with R2D2’s repair. C3PO is not happy that R2D2 reset the laser canon. Luke knows the canons aren’t fully functional, so he goes around the target to try and find the stress points to hit. Suddenly, the machinesmith from the floating city jumps out and tries to kill Luke. Luke tries to kick a control and fails, his second attempt connects. The machinesmith goes flying off the skimmer. Luke has to work fast to regain control of the craft. The roof comes off in the process. But he is able to take out the target. The governor is happy as well. Luke gets back to the floating city. He makes clear he doesn’t want to replaced the machinesmith, just secure safety for he and the droids until they can get offworld. R2D2 and C3PO get a fish oil bath. C3PO freaks out at a lizard trying to drink some of the oil. Quarg informs them there’s a lot to learn about living on this floating city and takes him topside to begin with the basics. On deck, Quarg had the master machinesmith hung. He now serves as a warning to others. Quarg thinks that Luke’s silence means he’s afraid and will not betray him. Quarg gives a short talk about his father. He was a governor of the Korteen asteroid belt. They used a technology to cause passing ships to crash into asteroids and then take their cargo. However, the Jedi Knights got wind of what was going on and put a stop to it. After a battle and suffering damage, they wound up on Drexel and had to make the best of it. The ecosystem had everything they needed except metal. They thrived except for attacks from the sea dragons. The technical people lead a revolt against policies. His father stopped the revolt but did not stop the ringleaders. He set them adrift, thinking they would die. But they survived and became the dragon lords. They figured out how to control the creatures and built sonic-staffs. They use the dragons against the floating city faction now. Quarg makes clear that he does not want Luke to leave or the droids. He needs them to win the war. Someone comes and alerts Quarg something larger than they’ve ever seen is coming. As they descend, Luke realizes that his fathers jammer ship is part of the boat. It’s how he was brought down. Quarg tells a crewman to prepare to hit the ship. He’s looking forward to all that metal to salvage. Luke realizes that based on the size of the ship it’s an imperial cruiser. It’s actually Crimson Jack with Han Solo, Chewbacca and Leia on board. Jack is suspicioius that it’s a water world. Jolli brings Leia up from dentention. Leia drops a little bomb on her by telling her sometimes you hide that you like someone by acting like you hate them. Jolli’s temper flares. Jack’s crewman informs him that as the planet is turning he’s picking up a landmass. Suddenly, there is a sound and the ship starts shaking. All the systems start to fail. Emergency power kicks in and fights back. Han decides that while Jack and his crew are busy, escaping on the Falcon is the smart thing to do. Chewie reminds Han about Leia and he comments they will rescue her as well, but she’s standing there weapons in hand. Leia takes over. They head for the hold to get the Falcon and wind up in a battle. They all escape on the Falcon. Leia insists Luke is on the planet. So Han agrees to go look for him. Backon Drexel Quarg is not happy that the ship is not down. He’s told its simply too big and powerful for their jammer to affect it. Quarg nearly kills the man. Someone else calls out that something has been sighted. It’s a full army of a dragons coming to attack. Quarg wants every skimmer on the water. He thinks the dragon lords are going to try and take his prize. He informs Luke he will be piloting a gunship and if he doesn’t do well his droids will pay the price. Luke is not thrilled to be in this battle. He does realize that the creatures aren’t in a normal state, they are very frenzied. Suddenly, they turn. The Falcon has arrived. It’s also affected by the jammer and makes a water lander. Han informs Leia, who is now pissed off, that the Falcon can float forever but they won’t be flying until that beam is turned off. Luke races off to try and protect Han and company but his skimmer is not up to it. By the time Luke gets to the falcon he is in time to pull Chewbacca out of the water. He’s not happy because now he doesn’t like anyone on a skimmer. He starts destroying every skimmer in reach. C3PO tries to tell Chewbacca Quarg’s law and he isn’t listening. C3PO doens’t think they’ll make it to their execution.

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