Star Wars 1978 #12

Luke and his droids are stuck on this water planet that they have nicknamed Doomworld. The species riding the water creature is somehow making the creature that was attacking them, push the spaceship. R2D2 has detected craft in the area. Luke sees some hydra-craft on the horizon behind them, approaching. As they get closer they open fire on the sea monster. Luke and his droids are caught in the middle. The sea monster rider pulls a staff and both monsters start to increase their energies. The red one suddenly has one of the crafts on its head. The other two water craft open fire on the red sea monster. One of the craft personnel tells the crew to keep an eye out for the Dragon Lord. The green monster takes out the second water craft. With both sea monsters wounded, the Dragon Lord retreats. The crew from the watercraft are not happy that two of their crafts were destroyed. They see Luke’s escape pod and shoot magnetic grappling hooks to capture it. Their rescuers assess that it’s one human and two droids. The leader commands they through Luke to the fishes and strip the droids for parts. Luke breaks out is lightsaber. It ignites red. He has a quick memory of Ben and Darth Vader fighting. The one in charge yells for everyone to jump because the light saber will slice them like sea cabbage. One of the guys points out he can’t attack from every direction. C3PO becomes concerned when he notices R2D2 is leaking lubricant. It helps and people start slipping on it. Luke manages to get to the helm and the ship controls. He threatens to destroy the controls with his lightsaber if anyone else moves towards him or the droids. Luke is now in control and requests to be taken to their governer. They are taken to some boats that have been turned into multilevel cities. C3PO is a bit worried. Luke thinks this boat city scanned as a land mass. As they arrive Governor Quarg is waiting on the dock. Everyone is suprised as the Governor wants them all hanged as traitors for losing two skimmers. The Governor wants the droids stripped for parts. Luke stops him with an exclamation. One of the guys tells the Governor that the guy weilds a light saber like a Jedi. He’s not amused based on the myths he knows. He decides to listen to what Luke has to say before he decides what he does. Luke and the droids are moved inside. Luke is not talking while they walk and Quarg is not amused. Luke wishes he had Han’s gift of gab and that he could see the Falcon roaring into view. Back on Crimson Jack’s ship they are preparing to jump to light speed to reach the Drexel system. Han is on the bridge, feeling tense – worrying about Princess Leia below and a system that even the worst of the worst avoid. Crimson Jack brings him out of his thoughts. Han asks him how he got the imperial cruiser. It survived the battle where the rebels won their first big battle, but the reactors went out and it drifted helplessly. Crimson Jack, showed up with his crew and found it. There was a small battle to defend it with just three TIE fighters. Jack’s crew easily overmatched the fighters and the crew on board. The ships damage was superficial so he took it. Han is impressed by Jack’s vision. Their conversation is interupted by a scream. Jolli has gone crazy. It seems one of the crewmen tried to take advantage of her. Jack asks her what is going on. She tells them that Princess Leia got her thinking when she told her what a good kisser Han is. Then she decks Han. Jack asks Han what kind of power he posseses over women. Han’s not sure but does not want it. In the Falcon’s cockpit, Chewbacca has finished his task. The computer on the bridge starts lighting up. Jack informs him it’s to work his magic. They arrive and it’s one plant. A water planet at that. Jack wants to know how the Rebels could have a treasury there. He tells him he needs to bring up Princess Leia to sort it out.

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