Star Wars 1978 #11

Han, Chewie and the Falcon leave the planet Aduba-3. Han calculates a hyperspace jump. They talk about the team they just worked with and how well they all worked together. Han would even team up with them again. But he decides they should head back to the rebel base to check on Luke and Leia. Chewie gives Han a look and he refutes it saying that it’s not because he misses them. They light speed to an area close to Yavin and find Imperial forces. When he takes a closer look the ship is actually a pirate. The same pirate that stole his treasure, Crimson Jack. Han realizes that Crimson Jack must have put a tracer on the Falcon. The Falcon gets hauled aboard via tractor beam. Crimson Jack taunts Han. Han decides to use Jack’s greet against him and trick him into taking them to the rebel base. They get a surprise when they see Princess Leia aboard as well. Crimson Jack is going to ransom Princess and Senator Leia to the rebellion. She refuses to tell Crimson jack anything. So he brings out Han and Chewie to set an example. But Han needs more time so Chewie must create a distraction. Han manages to get a blaster and he quickly changes a setting on it. Han, with blaster in hand, throws a taunt of his own to Crimson Jack. He throws out a bluff about another treasure, but Jack doesn’t buy it and boasts he already took his treasure. He tries to convince Jack that he’s got something better, but Jack doesn’t bite. Later, Crimson Jack holds a feats. Han is trying to do as much fast talking as he can. Jolli is also on board and she’s had enough of Han’s fast talking. But Jack says he can kill him any time they might as well see if this treasure is real. His ruse is that Leia fell in love with him. He goes to kiss her and they have a conversation while doing so. But Leia is royally angered at his actions and whacks him over the head. She then points out that their treasury is in the Drexel system and states that Luke is there as well. She then asks to return to herself. When Jack asks Han about Luke he minimizes him. Jack instructs that they are setting course for the Drexel system. Han knows something is up, just not what it is. Jolli has a conversation with Leia about Han Solo. Jolli states it’s men in general she has a problem with. Leia takes her by surprise telling her that Han Solo is a good kisser. Jolli gets mad, locks her in her cell and leaves. Leia has many things on her mind: her home planet’s destruction, the empire, her immiediate situaion and Luke. She replays in her head how she wound up in this situation. She hopes that Han picked up on her hints. Up on the bridge, Jack questions Han about the Drexel system. Han tells him the Falcon has much more detailed maps. Chewie can connect the Falcon’s computer to theirs if they want to get more information. Han is thinking that Drexel is not a good place to go, but that he picked up Leia’s clues and understand Luke is there. So that is where they will go. In the Drexel system, Luke has landed in water. He’s trying to shoot a sea creature. The droids would like to get back in the ship but it’s sinking into the water. Luke’s blaster runs out of charge and the three jump back into the ship. Luke tells the droids he got the emergency hatch fastened but the ship might not survive another blow. R2D2 has an idea and chirps at C3PO who of course thinks he mad going towards the back of the ship where there is more water. His idea is the safety pod. R2 seals it so it will be water proof and all three get safely away in it. They float to the surface and Luke opens the hatch to check on the creature. It stops attacking the ship and someone pops up on another sea creature.

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