Star Wars 1978 #10

Han and his team are doing their best to save the village, but the monster is making it harder. No one believed the old shamen. Is this monster going to destroy the invaders? The leader of the raiders heard stories of this monster as a child. He’s aware it will not go away and as long as it’s there they can do nothing. The raiders start attacking the beast, but it also attacks him. Chewbacca and Han are a bit surprised because they were never told about a beast. However, the beast is only attacking the raiders. The beast does create a landslide. They rush to move the skyspeeders out of the way. The leader of the raiders is not happy about the beast as he still wants to kidnap Merri. Now the beast is attacking everyone. Han defends the beast saying they simply got in its way. The old Jedi Knight seems to have recovered as well. Han instructs everyone to leave the beast alone so it can do it’s job. Most of the raiders have been taken out so the leader decides to kill the beast himself. He decides to attack the shamen. But when he gets close enough the monster stomps them both. With the leader being dead the rest of the raiders leave. However, the monster is still awake and alive and doing it’s thing. Han’s team does not want to deal with the monster. He reminds them that if they don’t there won’t be a village left or anyone to pay them. Jaxxon the rabbit is now taking on the monster himself. He gets knocked and Amaiza saves him. They both get caught in a landslide. Han and Chewie come rescue them. Han organizes everyone behind the rocks. He tries to coordinate everyone. The Jedi Knight says it requires special skills. Meanwhile, the monster has found their hiding place. They have to find a new place to hide while they regroup. Han is starting to get worried that they aren’t going to survive this one. Han comes up with an idea on how to kill the beast, but it will take a lightsaber. The Jedi Knight has decided to take on the beast before Han can do anything. Meanwhile, Princess Leia has taken a ship and gone off to look for Luke. She is going to try to find the point of his transmission. She doens’t want to lose him to the Empire. She does wish Han Solo was there though as she could use his help. The Jedi Knight calls out to the beast. It somehow hears him and he gives the man it’s attention. Everyone realizes that he is leading the monster away from everyone. Han thinks he’s going to get himself killed. The Jedi Knight thinks the rest of them think he is too old for combat. He will use the force to evade the monsters attacks. As Han and the rest watch, the monster is reacting to the lightsaber. Suddenly, one of the raiders go to the aid of the old Jedi Knight. However, he refuses the help stating it is his task alone. One of the team also tries to help. He hits the beast with his quills, but it has no effect except to angr it more. Han realizes that the lightsaber is functioning like a lightning rod and interfering with the energy beam that the creature shoots. The older man can’t move all that fast but the monster increases its craziness as he gets closer. Chewbacca decides to pick up Han and run towards the beast. They want to try and save the old man. The pair get close enough for the man to hear them. He asks why they are interuppting his holy task. Han tells him he needs to borrow the lightsaber and takes it. The old man is not happy about this. Han admits he’s never used a lightsaber before. As he nears, the monster shoots a beam of energy at him. Han tries to stab it in the chest with the lightsaber. It’s not clear if he has harmed it. It is clear the beast is now raging mad and everyone is forced to take cover. He left the lightsaber in the beasts chest. Suddenly, the beast is twisting and having convulsions. The lightsaber is flashing in it’s heaving chest. There’s a cracking sound as well. The Jedi Knight says the force is with us and the demon is beginning to disintegrate. The beast fades away. Han is happy that it’s over. The rabbit though, again, brings up pay. Merri walks up and tells one of them, Jim, that she saw what he did. He’s confused as he had no idea she knew who he was. She hopes that he won’t leave. Then she thanks Han Solo for saving the village. Han and the team get their payment. Han is not upset that he doesn’t get the girl. But does say that for just a moment he got to feel what it’s like to be a Jedi Knight.

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