Star Wars 1977 #8

Eight Against a World

In the cantina, Han is under attack. His prospective employers are attacking him. Turns out one of the attackers is involved with the blue skinned female that was hitting on Han. He fights back, but the green creature doesn’t feel it. Han calls for Chewie but he’s nowhere to be found. Someone sends Han flying through the air. Han manages to insult another person and he’s confused because he can no longer tell males and females apart. Han sees a shadow and thinks it’s Chewie finally arrived to help. It’s actually the green creature back for round two. Finally, Chewie arrives. He picks up Han like a bride. The green creature is dumb enough to attack Chewbacca. Chewie throws the green creature through a window. As soon as the fight is over, Han mentions the job offer to Chewie. They go to talk to the locals to see what it’s about. He’s a local farmer named Ramiz and is looking for a champion or protector. He tells them there is a devil and his men that they need help with. They are the cloud riders from Serji-X. They kill the farmers Banthas, steal their food, burn their crops and even kidnap their wives and children for their amusement. They cannot pay much but food and shelter. Han accepts the job, but wants to recruit a few more spacers for help. In an office upstairs, aliens are lined up at a door as someone behind it calls out, “Next!” A species that resembles a cat enters. Han thinks he won’t be helpful since he doesn’t use a blaster. So far he’s not found any good candidates. He demonstrates why he doesn’t need a blaster. He’s a spiner. He demonstrates his skill. Han hires him immediately. Next is someone that Han knows, Amaiza den mother of the black-hole gang. He hires her because he knows her. He asks her not to harm anyone on the way out. Next in is someone who says he’s a Jedi Knight. Han is immediately suspicious, since Jedi’s are outlawed. Han thinks he’s harmless so he hires him just to keep him safe. Suddenly, outside in the hall, the green creature from the fight earlier decides to cut in line to get a job. The creature he cut in front is is not happy and kicks him hard enough to send him to the back of the line. Han sees and hires the rabbit on the spot. A kid in line also has a robot that’s part tractor. The robot is not excited. Han is unsure if he should hire this kid, but he reminds him of Luke. Han starts to wonder what he’s up to. On Yavin 4, Luke is preparing to go on a mission. C3PO gets R2D2 loaded in the plane. Princess Leia is with him and worried about his safety. Luke tells her he’s not a hero but since Darth Vader know they are there and he needs to find another planet or moon to set up base on. Princess Leia laments to a General that she wishes she could go to. But she’s told that she has to be a leader and symbol now that her father is gone. Once in space, Luke has a conversation with himself that speaks of the doubts he has but fights through. C3PO notices Luke is not his best and comments. He tells him he’s thinking about Ben. How even though the world knows him as Obi-Wan Kenobi, he’s still Ben to him and a great hero who sacrificed himself to save him, Luke, and those that were with him. He then starts to wonder what Han is up to. He was also responsible for them getting away. Back to Han Solo. He decides to hire the kid and his robot. The next morning his team of six meet him at the cantina. Before they can talk more, a group of sky speeders approach. It’s the group of cloud-riders they are protecting the farmers from. Han instructs them to wait and let the cloud-riders make the first move. The green creature he didn’t hire ratted them out to the cloud-riders. The leader attempts to discuss a truce. He offers to pay them a bit more than the farmers for them to go away. Han refuses telling him they are paying all they can and it’s the best pay he’s ever gotten. Tells the cloud rider that he could not match their price. Han asks him nicely to leave the village alone. He refuses and taunts him. Han gives him another warning. The cloud rider leaves. Han and his group prepare to head to the village.

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