The X Files S02,Ep19 – Dod Kalm

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 19
Title: Dod Kalm
Original Air Date: March 10, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: You’re telling me a ship and its entire crew just vanished?

* Scully: It’s not possible Mulder. Not without defying all the laws of time and space.

* Scully: It’s more than rapid aging Mulder. It’s almost like he’s turning into a pillar of salt.

Synopsis: We begin in the Norwegian Sea. Men are evacuating a ship. The Captain is not happy that his crew is exiting. 18 hours later another boat happens upon a ship that appears to just be floating. They try to reach the vessel via radio. They see the small boat with the evacuees. They throw them a line to pull them in. Everyone on the boat looks very old and ancient. Mulder tells Scully that a ship and its crew has vanished and she finds that shocking. 18 survivors were picked up but only one remains alive. He’s called Scully because she’s a doctor and might be able to get in to see him. Scully is shocked at how old he appears. Scully presses for information but doesn’t get much. Scully tells Mulder in their office that the officer was an old man, not 20ish. He tells her about 9 vessels who passed through the 56th parallel and vanished. He calls it a wrinkle in time. Mulder discusses wormholes. Mulder has booked a flight to Norway. Scully informs him she is going with him. The two are at a bar and when they ask questions in a bar and everyone seems afraid. One man talks to them. He tells them only a boat rated for ice can go where they want to go. He tells them about a story of something falling out of the sky. It’s why the Norweigians are afraid of the area but he’s not. On the boat, Mulder has some sea sickness. The fog is quite thick. He’s also found the missing boat by crashing into it. The Captain says there’s over 20 years of corrosion. Mulder finds the ships name and date, “USS Ardent, 1991.” They head into the ship to check the crew quarters. As they walk away, the name plate ages more and is visible. When they get below deck, Scully is horrified by the bodies she finds. They look mummified and have a strange residue. Someone steals the ship they came on. They try to get the power on in the ship and it doesn’t work. It’s also caked in the same residue. The engine is extremely corroded. The ship’s captain asks for answers. Mulder tells him that it’s a science experiment by the military to speed up time. That the ship was only launched in 1991 and he can’t explain all the corrosion. He doesn’t believe what Mulder tells him. They all hear a scream and head below to figure out what it is. They find the Captains first mate with his head smashed in. Mulder and Scully continue the search of the ship. They find Captain Barkley. They ask him what happens. He tells them about a very brightly glowing light and everything stopped. He isn’t capable of the strength to hit someone over the head. So there has to be someone else on board. They find the attacker as he tries to kill the Captain of the stolen boat. He knows the man. He’s a pirate. Mulder goes back down and finds that Captain Barkley has died. He’s turning into a pillar of salt. Mulder wakes Scully to take the next watch, but they’ve both aged. Scully doesn’t think it’s a rapid aging phenomena because their hair hasn’t changed color. Scully mentions free radicals. She thinks that boat is possibly heading towards a meteorite and its causing free radical acceleration. A red liquid starts dripping from a pipe. They think blood at first but it’s rust. The pirate tries to turn the Captain against Mulder and Scully. The pirate is not aging and everyone else is. Mulder and Scully find where the pirate and his men were staying. They were just drinking water cleaned from the sewage system, not the actual drinking water. The Captain winds up letting the pirate go. Scully tells them it’s the water that is contaminated. But the sewage system is not. Scully does a scientific study of the contaminated water. The Captain tries to turn Scully against Mulder. Her tests are showing that Mulder is only getting worse. Scully discovers something and goes to investigate. She follows the pipes and there’s only a few gallons of water left in the sewage tank. He locks himself in the sewage room. Scully searches everywhere for additional water. She finds a can of sardines or something similar. She cracks a corner and drains the liquid. She confirms it’s sardine juice. Mulder tells her to drink it because she has a greater chance of surviving. Suddenly, the boat rocks wildly. Mulder thinks the outer hull has corroded through and that they are taking on water. The water jar breaks. The sewage tank busts open and the Captain is stuck in the flood of the water as the room fills. He drowns. 14 hours later, Mulder and Scully are still alive. Mulder tries to lighten the mood. Scully tells him that they have nothing to fear when this life is over. Scully continues her log. She drops her pen as she is writing. A rescue crew comes down the hatch. Mulder, Scully and her log are found. Scully wakes up in a hospital. She’s responding well. Mulder is getting better too. Her log saved them both. Scully is told the ship sunk less than an hour after there were rescued.

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