Star Wars 1977 #6

Blue Squadron prepares for battle. They configure their fighters into X Wings. Luke is in this squaddron as blue 5. The squadron leader reiterates the plan. They need a direct hit on the thermal exhaust port. Alarms in the Death Star begin going off like crazy. Some of them don’t understand why the Rebels are up and fighting them. Luke starts to head into the trench but laserbolts come from Luke’s jet and turn into a fireball. He can’t pull out. He manages to fly through the fireball safely and come out the other side. Darth Vader is informed that the small fighters are evading their turbo lasers because of their size. He gives the order to send out the fighters. He’s now worried the fact that this station is not designed to battle such small craft could be it’s flaw. The rebels land a blow that explodes near Vader. He instructs them to prepare his ship, he’ll personally go deal with this. Rebel command sees the tie fighters head out of the death star and alerts the blue squadron. The tie fighters begin an assault on the rebel ships. Luke takes one out. At the command center the main tracking system goes down. Princess Leia says switch to audio then. C3PO is very concerned for Luke. Blue 4 is taken out by tie fighters. Luke has a tie on his tail now. Blue 6 goes down now. Blue leader goes into the trench. Tie fighters follow him. Both his wingmen are downed. Darth Vader sits in his ship, ready to take action. Blue leader fires his torpedoes and then Darth Vader swoops in and kills him. His torpedoes do not hit their target. Luke, Wedge and Biggs are all that’s left. The three pepare to go in. On the Death Star, one of the solders tells Tarkin there is a possible weakness. He asks him if he wants he personal craft readied. Tarkin is not having it and accusses him of being treasonous. Luke starts to worry because he can’t connect to the targeting system on Yavin. But Ben’s voice comes through and tells him to trust his feelings. With newfound confidence, Luke takes charge. Biggs and Wedge fall in behind him. Darth Vader takes Biggs out. Wedge is freaked out but Luke tells him to keep flying. Darth Vader is now on Wedge’s tail. Wedge has a malfunction and has to break clear. As Darth Vader is about to end wedge, a laser bolt comes out of nowhere. It’s the Falcon. Han came back. He tells Luke over the radio to blow it up so they can all go home.

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