Wonder Woman 1942 #1 (story two)

Story Two – Wonder Woman Goes To The Circus

Steve and Diana get tickets to the circus. It’s not just for them but for some children too. The children want to visit the animals first. The elephants are first. They are from Burma. The elephant trainers are also from Burma as well. While they talk another elephant dies. It’s the 7th elephant that week to die.

Steve stumbles upon a tough guy who is scamming members of the circus for protection money. When the Burmese refuse to pay the guy he starts to attack them. Steve jumps in to protect them. He thinks that this guy is poisoning the elephants.

Meanwhile, Elva is performing with elephant Pam. As Diana, Steve and the kids are watching, Diana notices the elephant quiver. She screams for Elva. However, Elva can’t move fast enough and becomes trapped under the elephant. In all the commotion, Diana changes into Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman lifts the elephant off of Elva so the men can pull her out from under it. The crowd cheers for her. They also think it’s all part of the show. The ring master asks her if she would mind performing. She agrees only if they take a donation for the soldiers. He agrees and she begins to perform. She does an act with the horse, then wrestles with a lion. She concludes her show with a trapeze trick. But someone throws a rock and knocks it away. She still manages to catch it with her legs, instead of her hands. She rides around on people’s shoulders and humbly requests donations for the Army Fund. One man makes a remark about the fund and Wonder Woman confronts him. After the circus owner thanks her.

He voices his concern about the circus closing if the elephants continue to be killed. Wonder Woman takes on the task of investigating. She borrows a stuffed baby elephant from a museum. She plans to use it as a disguise. Etta gets stuck being the back legs of the baby elephant.

The pair in costume take the place of the baby elephant in the circus. Once everyone goes to bed for the night they keep watch. It doesn’t take long for something to happen. A ceremony takes place. The man leading it is the one she was introduced to earlier. Wonder Woman can speak all languages. The man is saying the elephants will trample the foreign devils tonight. Etta exclaims and they think that baby elephant God is confirming this to them. One of the real elephants gets suspicious and inspects the baby. The costume gets destroyed and the two exposed.

The two are captured. The high priest decides they are to be sacrificed at the sacred temple. Etta is worried but Wonder Woman knows they’ll find out what is really going on. Steve trails the gangster that was threatening the circus people. A tiger stops one of the goons. The gangster captures the three remaining Burmese. One is left behind has he hid on top of an elephant. Steve gives a car chase. Meanwhile, Elva arrives at the elephant tent to meet her beloved. Her uncle fines them and gets angry. One of the elephant’s picks Elva up in her trunk. The man on top of the elephant gets it to break its chains and they kidnap Elva. Her beloved and her Uncle hop on horses and give chase. Wonder Woman and Etta arrive at the temple. It’s stunning. The natural items in the cave have been carved into beautiful elephants. They are shackled to a carving as a sacrifice.

Wonder Woman hears one of the men speaking Burmese but with a strong Japanese accent. She now has an idea of what is going on. She manages to turn the tables and gets the upper hand on San Yan. She calls him out for what he really is, a Japanese spy. Steve and company rush into the temple moments later. A massive brawl breaks out. After Steve takes Wonder Woman in his arms and begs her to stay. She calls him darling and tells him she can’t because of Amazon law but is always near even when he does not think so. And Elva gets to be with her beloved.

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