Star Wars 1977 #4

Han, Luke, Leia and Chewie are in the hall. Elsewhere, C3PO and R2D2 are freaking out as now everyone on the Death Star has been alerted to their prescence. In the hall, Leia takes over and orders everyone into a nearby chute. It turns out to be a garbage chute. Han decides to try and shoot his way out but Leia makes him stop. The blaster bolt is ricocheting. He’s going to kill them all. Luke is distracted by a sound and then gets pulled under the water. Han can only see a bunch of tentacles. Whatever has grabbed him, lets him go. Suddenly, there’s an odd sound. The walls are starting to get closer, it’s a trash compacter. Leia tells them to brace the walls with something. But the items they try snap easily. Luke tries to reach the droids, it’s their last hope. However, they are too busy hiding to hear Luke’s call. The storm troopers break into where the droids are. They don’t pay them much attention other than to ask who locked them in. C3PO thinks fast and manages to get away with R2D2 by saying he needs to take R2 to maintanence. Meanwhile, in the trash compacter, the space is getting tight. C3PO instructs R2 to plug into a wall socket so they can reach Luke. They are finally able to communicate and manage to shut off the compacter just before they all get squished. Luke cleans off a hatch number and relays its number to C3PO so they can escape. Ben reaches the power generator for the tractor beam. He manages to reprogram it. Up in the prison sector, they all escape the trash compacter. Princess Leia has hit the limit of what she will put up with and informs the group she’s now giving the orders. Han’s not happy, she doesn’t care, she storms off. Luke contacts C3PO and learns that he and R2 are in the main hangar that they are above. He comments about the Falcon and Leia is surprised. She tells him if he came in that he’s braver than she thought. However, storm troopers appear and they seem to be cornered. Han opens fire to provide cover so the other three can run to the ship. Luke and Leia head to the ship, but Chewie stays behind to help Han. They get caught in a pickle and also head off to the ship. Luke and Leia run into a snag. The hallway ends because it’s still under construction. He throws a cable up and it catches in the pipes. She closes the sheild door. Princes Leia takes Luke by surprise when she gives him a kiss, even though its for good luck. They quickly jump and swing across and make it safely. Ben, meanwhile, finally tries to exit and head back to the ship. He thinks he’s homefree, but a dark shadow sees him. Everyone is now headed back to the ship in the hangar. Ben, however, is stopped by Darth Vader. The pair begin to battle with their light sabers. Han, Chewie and the droids are all at the ship when Princess Leia and Luke arrive. Princess Leia sees the light saber battle. However, Darth Vader strikes a decisive blow and kills his former teacher, Obi-Wan Kenobi. He fades and nothing but his cloak is left. Luke is horrified and thinks of going after Vader himself. Princess Leia screams for him, unwilling to leave Luke behind. He then hears Ben’s voice say his name. He’s shocked but finally boards the ship. Princess Leia tries to comfort Luke. Han is able to take off and escape the Death Star.

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