Star Wars 1977 #3

Grand Moff Tarkin threatens Princess Leia. He tells her he will blow up Alderaan. Princess Leia protests that Alderann has no weapons. He gives her one last chance to give them the rebel base. She finally tells them, “Dantooine.” Then he gives the order to blow up Alderaan. They all watch as it explodes.

At that same moment, “Ben” Kenobi, feels a disturbance in the force. He tells Luke it was like a billion voices being silenced all at once. R2 is playing a game with Chewbacca and winning. Chewie gets mad and Han advises they let Chewie win, lest someone loses an arm.

“Ben” Kenobi begins training Luke with the remote. The light saber he gives Luke is oddly red. Halfway through, he gives Luke a helmet to put on. He needs to feel and see through the force. He finally feels like he could almost see it. But Han is not amused, he doesn’t believe in the force. He’d rather have his blaster. He announces they are coming out of lightspeed and should be at Alderaan. But when they arrive, there is no planet, just a massive debris field. Alderaan has been blown up. They see a TIE fighter and Han wants to pursue it. They follow it to small moon. However, it’s not a moon but a space station. As they try to escape they are caught in a tractor beam. They are all horrified by the size of this battle station. Han is not happy.

Tarkin and Vader are informed that there use to be a base on Dantooine, but it’s been abandoned. Vader smugly informs Tarkin he knew she would not consciously betray her rebellion. Tarkin says to terminate the Princess. Vader disagrees. She is still the only link to the rebellion they have. Vader makes clear he’ll find the base himself. He is also informed that they have captured a freighter. It happens to be the same one they tried to capture on Mos Eisley.

Everyone on the ships hides. The Storm Troopers think the ship was abandoned. However, Vader orders them to keep searching, he senses a presence. Han pops up from the smuggling compartments. He’s not thrilled about the tractor beam though. “Ben” says he’ll take care of it. Troopers bring machines on to scan the ship. They get an unexpected surprise. One comes walking off the ship giving a signal about his com. It’s another bad transmitter. Chewie takes out the commander. Han, as a trooper, takes out another. “Ben” tells 3PO to plug R@ into the station to read the entire network. R2 learns the tractor bean is connected in seven places. Luke plans to go with Ben, but he says no, he must go alone.

Han is not happy. Luke wants to go with Ben. But Ben refuses, saying he’s on a different path. He reminds them to deliver the droids to the rebel forces and head off as he says to Luke, “the force is with you.”

R2 starts beeping quite a lot. He’s discovered that Princess Leia is aboard. Luke tries to convince Han to help him save her. He finally agrees. Luke gives them his plan. Chewie is prisoner they are transporting to get to the area Princess Leia is being held. They arrive at the block and state it’s a prisoner transfer. The commander is upset as he wasn’t notified. He insists on checking the information first. They decide to make their move. Chewie is suddenly loose and attacking storm troopers. They demolish all the electronics as well. They are now looking for Princess Leia’s cell, it’s 2187.

Han tries to smooth things over with command center, but they tell him they are sending a squad. He blasts the panel. Luke has reached cell 2187. He breaks it open with a blaster. Upon seeing her he’s tongue tied and starts to tell her how beautiful she is. She hits him with a retort. He takes his helmet off and tells her he is there to rescue her. That he has brought Ben Kenobi and the droids. She realizes it’s actually Obi-Wan.

Down the hall, Han and Chewie try to hold off troopers. Princess Leia is not happy to learn their only escape route has been cut off. She’s short with Han about it. They have to start blasting. Luke tries to contact 3PO but he’s not responding.

The Troopers get closer.

to be continued…

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